Thief - Open World Roamer

Build:Deadeye - Open World, Solo

Open World, Fractals

| profession = Thief
| specialization = Deadeye
| designed for = Open World, 
| rating = draft
| focus = Survivability with persistent damage output

'A versatile self sustaining Deadeye Thief build with the ability to apply constant damage in a variety of open world, PVE scenarios (particularly world bosses/metas). Also usable in fractals and dungeon instances with less than optimal party composition'

| profession = Thief
| specialization = Deadeye
| set1 = Dagger, Dagger
| set2 = Rifle
| healing = Withdraw
| utility1 = Assassin's Signet
| utility2 = Signet of Agility
| utility3 = Shadowstep
| elite = Basilisk Venom
* {{x}} (use x for none)
;Utility skills
*{{Skill|Roll for initiative}} For more survivability Assassin's Signet may be replaced with Roll for Initiative. This allows for additional escapes, especially when fighting bounty targets with multiple aoes and/or mobs.

{{Specialization|Critical Strikes|bot|mid|bot}}
* {{Trait|No Quarter}} In groups with lots of sustained healing Invigorating Precision may be replaced with No Quarter for additional damage output.

'''Deadly Arts''' over '''Trickery''' 
{{Specialization|Deadly Arts|Top|Bottom|Bottom|variant=y}} Trickery is more useful when running solo and chaining multiple kills together, the extra initiative also allows for more freedom in skill rotation when dealing with varying open world boss mechanics.

{{PvE equipment
| stats = Berserker
| rarity = Ascended
| runes = 6 Superior Rune of the Scholar
| infusions = 18 Mighty +9 Agony Infusion
| s1w1 = Ascended, Berserker, Dagger, Superior Sigil of Force
| s1w2 = Ascended, Berserker, Dagger, Superior Sigil of Impact
| s2w1 = Ascended, Berserker, Rifle, Superior Sigil of Force, Superior Sigil of Impact
| s2w2 = x
| head = Ascended, Berserker 
| shoulders = Ascended, Berserker
| chest = Ascended, Berserker
| hands =  Ascended, Berserker
| legs = Ascended, Berserker
| feet = Ascended, Berserker
| amulet = Ascended, Berserker
| ring1 = Ascended, Berserker
| ring2 = Ascended, Berserker 
| accessory1 = Ascended, Berserker
| accessory2 = Ascended, Berserker
| back = Ascended, Berserker

Marauder's gear gives slightly higher critical hit chance and more HP. Some gear pieces may be swapped out for Marauder's for a slight increase in survivability. However, since the primary healing from {{Trait|Invigorating Precision}} does not scale with HP this is usually unnecessary. For almost all scenarios (Zojja's) Berserker's gear is recommended.

* {{Food|Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup}}

* {{Utility|Potent Superior Sharpening Stone}}

===Opening Rotation===
*Primary opener
1 {{Skill|Deadeye's Mark}}
2 {{Skill|Dancing Dagger}}
3 {{Skill|Cloak and Dagger}}
4 {{Skill|Malicious Backstab}}

===Rifle Rotation===
*Mobile Ranged Opener
1 {{Skill|Deadeye's Mark}}
2 {{Skill|Skirmisher's Shot}}
3 {{Skill|Double Tap}}
4 {{Skill|Steal Defenses}}
5 {{Skill|Death's Judgement}}

===Rifle Rotation===
*Fixed Position Opener
1 {{Skill|Deadeye's Mark}}
2 {{Skill|Kneel}}
3 {{Skill|Spotter's Shot}}
4 {{Skill|Three Round Burst}}
5 {{Skill|Steal Defenses}}
6 {{Skill|Death's Judgment}}

===Sustained Dagger Rotation===
*Boss Damage
1 {{Skill|Deadeye's Mark}}
2 {{Skill|Dancing Dagger}}
3 {{Skill|Cloak and Dagger}}
4 {{Skill|Malicious Backstab}}
5 {{Skill|Double Strike}}
6 {{Skill|Wild Strike}}
7 {{Skill|Lotus Strike}}
8 {{Skill|Double Strike}}
9 {{Skill|Wild Strike}}
10 {{Skill|Lotus Strike}}
11 {{Skill|Dancing Dagger}}
12 {{Skill|Cloak and Dagger}}
13 {{Skill|Malicious Backstab}}
*note Step 2 and 11 {{Skill|Dancing Dagger}} may be skipped and {{Skill|Assassin's Signet}} can be used immediately prior to {{Skill|Malicious Backstab}} with a second backstab just prior to the end of the the signet's effect. However due to the more unpredictable nature of certain open world encounters this is less recommended, as being interrupted at any point between {{Skill|Malicious Backstab}} will result in a damage loss.

===Sustained Rifle Rotation===
*Ranged Boss Damage
1 {{Skill|Deadeye's Mark}}
2 {{Skill|Kneel}}
3 {{Skill|Three Shot Burst}}
4 {{Skill|Three Shot Burst}}
5 {{Skill|Steal Defenses}}
6 {{Skill|Death's Judgment}}
7 {{Skill|Three Shot Burst}}
8 {{Skill|Three Shot Burst}}
9 {{Skill|Dodge Roll}}
10 {{Skill|Death's Judgment}}

===Additional Thoughts===
The ability to alternate between melee and range while still applying constant damage (and therefore constant healing due to {{Skill|Invigorating Precision}} ) allows this build to survive and kill in a variety of scenarios. {{Skill|Death's Retreat}} and {{Skill|Death Blossom}} allow for additional damage avoidance without use of cool down skills. In addition the relative lack of area of effect damage can be negated by quickly chaining together multiple mob kills. This is further augmented by {{Trait|Preparedness}}. {{Skill|Shadowstep}}, {{Skill|Withdraw}} and {{Skill|Signet of Agility}} provides ample condition cleansing.

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