Warrior - Gotta Go Fast

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The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: Getting around without mounts.

Designed for:


For players without mounts from Path of Fire expansion, getting around can be quite slow. This build equips you with all mobility skills a Warrior can offer without any expansions.

This build can also be useful in situations where mount use is disabled.

Using arcDPS' build template is highly recommended as it can be tedious switching out weapons, skills, and traits.



Skill Variants

Utility Skills



Peak Performance.png Peak Performance

Forceful Greatsword.png Forceful Greatsword

Berserker's Power.png Berserker's Power


Signet Mastery.png Signet Mastery

Blademaster.png Blademaster

Burst Precision.png Burst Precision


Warrior's Sprint.png Warrior's Sprint

Brawler's Recovery.png Brawler's Recovery

Burst Mastery.png Burst Mastery




  • Use whatever armor you were using before. Weapons can be rares or exotics of any stat combination. You're not looking to get into tough fights with this build.


  • It doesn't matter what sigils you use.


  • Use whatever armor you were using before.


Standard Rotation

  • Start
  1. Signet of Rage.png Signet of Rage
  2. Balanced Stance.png Balanced Stance while casting Signet of Rage
  3. Bull's Charge.png Bull's Charge
  4. Rush.png Rush
  5. Whirlwind Attack.png Whirlwind Attack
  6. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  7. Charge (warrior).png Charge
  8. Savage Leap.png Savage Leap
  9. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  10. Whirlwind Attack.png Whirlwind Attack
  11. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  12. Savage Leap.png Savage Leap
  13. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  14. Rush.png Rush
  • Keep swapping weapons and use any of the skills above as soon as they are off cool down.
  • Use Call to Arms.png Call to Arms if you need Vigor Vigor or to remove annoying conditions.


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2 Ratings
4 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 4 stars November 2018

Works as advertised

5 stars
L I I O U S gave this build 5 stars October 2018

A good build overall for gettig around and high dps all together :0

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