Weaver - Celestial Roamer

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The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good.

Focused on: Hybrid damageMobilitySustain.

Designed for:


One of the many versions of Hybrid Weaver, this WvW roamer combines both power and condition damage with excellent sustain in order to wear down targets in 1v1s.





Soothing Ice.png Soothing Ice

Aquamancer's Training.png Aquamancer's Training

Cleansing Water.png Cleansing Water


Renewing Stamina.png Renewing Stamina

Elemental Contingency.png Elemental Contingency

Evasive Arcana.png Evasive Arcana


  • The first trait choice is between having more evasion to avoid incoming attacks, or extra healing that helps you recover from them. If you wish to opt for the latter, take Arcane Abatement.png Arcane Abatement.


Master's Fortitude.png Master's Fortitude

24px Bolstered Elements

24px Woven Stride


Ascended Head (Light).png
Marshal stat icon.png
Ascended Shoulders (Light).png
Marshal stat icon.png
Ascended Chest (Light).png
Marshal stat icon.png
Ascended Hands (Light).png
Marshal stat icon.png
Ascended Legs (Light).png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Feet (Light).png
Marshal stat icon.png
Ascended Back.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory1.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Accessory2.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Amulet.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Ascended Ring1.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Ascended Ring2.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Ascended Sword.png
Marshal stat icon.png
Ascended Dagger.png
Marshal stat icon.png
Superior Sigil of Strength.png
Superior Sigil of Energy.png
Superior Rune of Durability.png6x
Superior Rune of Durability


  • A full set of
    Mighty WvW Infusion Mighty WvW Infusion
    Mighty WvW Infusion.pngMighty WvW Infusion
    +5 Power +1% Damage to Guards, Lords, and Supervisors
    Malign WvW Infusion Malign WvW Infusion
    Malign WvW Infusion.pngMalign WvW Infusion
    +5 Condition Damage +1% Damage to Guards, Lords, and Supervisors
    is recommended, or a mix of both.



Yet again there are plenty of viable options:

  • - food equivalent of Celestial, fits perfectly.
  • - boost to direct damage.
  • - combined with Vigor Vigor this pushes you near the endurance regen cap. Alternatively, if you're playing with Arcane Abatement.png Arcane Abatement this food can ease the loss of Renewing Stamina.png Renewing Stamina. The Might Might stacking is a nice added bonus.
    • Budget version:
  • - some extra boon duration and Might Might stacking.


  • - direct damage increase.
    • - same purpose, but easier to get.


Elite specialization basics

  • Weaver allows the Elementalist to attune to 2 elements at the same time, and skills 1-5 will be decided based on both. Let's call them primary and secondary attunements.
  • If you swap to Fire Attunement.png Fire Attunement then fire becomes your primary attunement and weapon skills 1-2 will be fire skills. Afterwards if you switch to Water Attunement.png Water Attunement for example then water is now your primary attunement and fire's moved to secondary - now skills 1-2 are water and 4-5 are fire. Skill 3 is a dual skill influenced by both active attunements fire + water for example is 24px Twin Strike.
  • The order of the attunements doesn't matter here, water primary with fire secondary has the same dual attack as fire primary and water secondary. Attuning to the same element twice has its own dual skill.


  • Applying Regeneration Regeneration cleanses a condition. Gaining Swiftness Swiftness and Superspeed Superspeed applies Regeneration as well.
  • In combat double attuning to the same element is usually not worth it, except for Air's 24px Quantum Strike and very rarely Water to squeeze out some more sustain.
  • Cycle fire -> air -> fire -> air to maintain Swiftness while roaming.
  • Stances grant Stability Stability, which has many uses including safe stomping downed enemies.


  • The defensive rotation is definitely something you should learn and utilize whenever heavy healing is needed:
  1. Water Attunement.png Water Attunement which also triggers Healing Ripple.png Healing Ripple and grants Regeneration Regeneration.
  2. Dodge in order to proc the water part of Evasive Arcana.png Evasive Arcana for healing and condition cleansing.
  3. 24px Riptide for evasion, healing, and condition cleansing.
  4. Earth Attunement.png Earth Attunement
  5. 24px Earthen Vortex to blast the water field left behind by Riptide.
  6. Fire Attunement.png Fire Attunement
  7. 24px Lava Skin for the barrier and some counterpressure.
Build rating - 4 stars
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4 Ratings
3 stars
MyCookiesR gave this build 3 stars September 2018

It can be kinda fun, but it's honestly not very useful. Long cast times on all of the important attacks, and 130 range somehow feels really awkward. Nothing should ever die to this kind of weaver imo. At best it will draw the attention of 2+ people for a bit (a quality that isn't exclusive to weaver, druids can do this while offering better support and utility) while friendly holos/revs/scourge+firebrands/thieves/mesmers do the real heavy lifting in terms of damage and disruption.

The sustain, as others have mentioned, is nearly unrivaled. It's just overkill and too difficult to make a 1:1 trade-off of this sustain in order to increase damage/killing power.

3 stars
Bati gave this build 3 stars September 2018

Strong sustain with underwhelming damage, celestial sw/d weaver lacks adequate dps to finish kills timely yet proves tanky enough to escape and survive many 1vX situations. Weaver lacks the ability to secure downs due in large part by lengthy rotations and the risk associated with double attuning -i.e., the potential number of skills on cooldown-. Assuming a target stays within range of primordial stance and other skills or assuming one can keep up with your opponent, there is the opportunity to build up sustained damage and secure kills.

As a celestial weaver, you will not burst down other roamers or groups nor will the bulk of your fights in your favor complete in a timely manner, however.

If the enemy pays attention, then a celestial sword weaver will rarely be the main reason they down. The rule of thumb for building into the celestial stat is to invest deeply into it to be effective. Anything beyond a minor tweak would mitigate or go against the whole reason for investing into celestial or else you risk greatly diminished performance. Builds that can build into sustain with less investment outperform cele weaver currently (e.g. a holo or spellbreaker make better damage sponges and outputting superior dps also, while even a stealth trapper druid poses a greater risk than a cele weaver). The build is viable, but no amount of tinkering will make this build great.

4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars September 2018

Nearly immortal in 1v1s, cele just works so well with weaver in WvW. It's up there in Spellbreaker tier when it comes to sustain. CC and mobility are quite good as well.

Damage is the only thing that's going to be a problem sometimes. Against opponents with similar level of sustain you may just end up in a neverending duel. Consumables may help you ease that a bit, or a couple of more offensive trinkets (Sinister or Viper, maybe? I'll try that later)

1 More Rating
5 stars
Kdb424 gave this build 5 stars March 2018

I have used this build with several changes quite a lot for both roaming, and zerg play. When playing in a zerg, I tend to run a more support based role for rezzez, protection, and healing, and while roaming, I can usually hold my own against even a 1v2. Definitely a very versatile build, but is not an absolute master of anything. Brings back the feeling of the old Celestial DD ele, but with a MUCH higher skill cap. This build will take a LOT of time to master, and am still learning new things and tweaking after a month of play in WvW and similar build in PvP. Stats are definitely adjustable depending on comp or personal preference.

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