Daredevil - P/D Condi Roamer

12/09/2019 Author - Something to consider: Plaguedoctor's set requires farming specific map currencies, and recipes must be bought with Laurels, so it is time gated. Anyone who doesn't have plaguedoctor's laying around, it may take a while to get set up, unless you're using the mystic forge stat switch.

12/11/2019 - Changes to Deadly Ambition are a buff to this build, as our primary source of damage from initiative is Shadow Strike. I've had much more consistency from the build since the change. It does make D/D more viable for condition damage, but the stealth attack is less useful than pistol's stealth attack.

1/24/2020 - Moved all of the variant details to the very end. They kind of cluttered the build page. The new format is much easier to read, and gets the most important information to the reader right away. Still a bit disheartened that nobody has even tried this yet.