Elementalist - D/F Signet Condi

First of all I can't believe I'm posting this build. But I've seen worse and this build is becoming a thing on EU, it can be great in some 1v1 scenarios on sidepoints. Borderline viable.--Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 16:37, 12 October 2014 (UTC)

Lots of builds are borderline viable. I could queue as a Bunker Thief and probably destroy the majority of bads. That doesn't make it a good build if it's effective against lower skilled people. But this build looks like it will be destroyed by most popular builds like D/D Ele, Warrior, Terror Necro, etc. --Human icon.png Dantes (talk) 14:43, 13 October 2014 (UTC)
Y I'm not a big fan of this build. But I keep seeing this more and more, and on faily high ratings used by good players. In 1v1s it's great, problems start at bigger fights. I think they were just testing this, but I've managed to win with an ele like this on my team 1-2 times, I'll do some ques on alt acc. Time destroy my rating anyways :D --Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 15:23, 13 October 2014 (UTC)
Once you get used to this it's not bad. I wouldn't bring it to higher rated matches or if I really want to tryhard, but it has its moments and it's kind of in-line with other builds under the Good category (or at least with most of them). That ~4 sec 1.2k range immob on a 20 sec CD can create great openings for your team and focus brings a lot of utility, for example you can beat Turret engis 1v1 with the amount of condies and anti-projectile you have. Played 5 teamque matches (around rank 300) won 4 out of 5 and some soloque too.--Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 19:01, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

How did this build get voted "good" when the Stone Heart S/F condi build failed to pass the testing vote? That build has incredible survival potential with superior bleed stacking. This build melts quickly and does not have higher damage output. --Terriblebuilddude (talk) 22:19, 31 January 2015 (UTC)

It's very easy to deal damage in 1v1s with stone heart, but as soon as the fight's larger than that the damage becomes unrelyable. Even in 1v1 just bait Obsidian Flesh, kite it and then CC the ele to death as it has no stunbreakers. It's also slow as a turtle and deals absolutely 0 AoE damage. This build has better AoE, and by not locking yourself out of basically 3 weapon sets, you gain more conditions, healing and CC. Another huge plus is Magnetic Grasp - makes it a lot easier to land your signets and significant skills. Weapon swapping adds Poison to your list of conditions, which helps a lot vs many of the specs out there. There's also some party utility with Swirling Winds. If Arenanet adds a 1v1 gamemode we'll bring that build back because SH has a place there. This one's harder to play, but fits 5v5 conquest a better. --Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 09:55, 1 February 2015 (UTC)

Removing Carrion/Rabid[edit]

Settler is definitely the strongest variant. While other builds have some pretty interesting ideas, they are not nearly as good as the settler one so I'd like to remove them. Objection? --Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 15:23, 4 February 2015 (UTC)

Perhaps you could add some justification for choosing that amulet, to many (me included) it's not obvious why Settler would be superior. Isn't a lot of that Healing Power wasted? (Serious, registered here because I want to know and get better) --Zache (talk) 10:54, 26 April 2015 (UTC)
Settler is the only amulet that was actually confirmed to be good at tournaments (there was an Eu team doing really well with the current build for many weeks). The healing isn't wasted at all, you'll have nearly perma regen / soothing mists and multiple ways to heal yourself. Currently this build can handle both power and condition based burst and compensates low HP with great healing. The small extra dmg of the other trait tables wasn't enough to justify the lack of sustain. --Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 13:43, 26 April 2015 (UTC)

Short Question[edit]

Unlike the others I really enjoyed this build. I have a short question: Why has the build been archived? With the new spezifications you have exactly the same setup, with some additional traits:

Earth Magic
Stone Flesh
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngStone Flesh
Gain toughness while attuned to earth.
Attribute bonus.pngAttribute Adjust: 150
Specialization line.png
Earth's Embrace
Trait I.pngEarth's Embrace
Gain Armor of Earth whenever your health drops below the threshold.
Radius.pngHealth Threshold: 50%
Serrated Stones
Trait II.pngSerrated Stones
Bleeds you apply last longer; deal more damage to bleeding foes.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 5%
Radius.pngDuration Increase: 20%
Elemental Shielding
Trait III.pngElemental Shielding
Gain protection when applying an aura to yourself or an ally.
Protection.pngProtection (3s): -33% Incoming Damage
Specialization line.png
Earthen Blast
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngEarthen Blast
Damage foes and cripple them for 3 seconds when attuning to earth.
Damage.pngDamage: 73
Cripple.pngCrippled (3s): -50% Movement Speed
Book.pngNumber of Targets: 3
Radius.pngRadius: 240
Specialization line.png
Strength of Stone
Trait IV.pngStrength of Stone
Gain condition damage based on your toughness.
Book.pngGain Condition Damage Based on a Percentage of Toughness: 10%
Rock Solid
Trait V.pngRock Solid
Grant stability to nearby allies when attuning to earth.
Stability.pngStability (2s): Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
Radius.pngRadius: 240
Geomancer's Training
Trait VI.pngGeomancer's Training
You recover more quickly from crippling, immobilizing, and chilling. Reduces recharge on all earth weapon skills.
Immobilize.pngImmobilize: Unable to move.
Cripple.pngCrippled: -50% Movement Speed
Chill.pngChilled: -66% Skill Recharge Rate, -66% Movement Speed
Book.pngRecharge Reduced: 33%
Radius.pngDuration Decreased: 33%
Specialization line.png
Geomancer's Defense
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngGeomancer's Defense
You take less damage from foes within close range.
Damage.pngDamage Reduced: 10%
Book.pngRange Threshold: 360
Specialization line.png
Diamond Skin
Trait VII.pngDiamond Skin
Conditions cannot be applied to you when your health is above the threshold.
Radius.pngHealth Threshold: 90%
Written in Stone
Trait VIII.pngWritten in Stone
Maintain the passive effects of signets when you activate them. Reduce recharge of signets.
Book.pngRecharge Reduced: 20%
Stone Heart
Trait IX.pngStone Heart
You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth.
Book.pngStone Heart: You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth.
Water Magic
Soothing Mist
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngSoothing Mist
You and nearby allies regenerate health while you are attuned to water. Radius 300
Specialization line.png
Soothing Ice
Trait I.pngSoothing Ice
Gain regeneration and frost aura for 4 seconds when critically hit
Piercing Shards
Trait II.pngPiercing Shards
While attuned to water, your spells deal 20% more damage to vulnerable foes. Vulnerability lasts 33% longer
Stop, Drop, and Roll
Trait III.pngStop, Drop, and Roll
Dodge-rolling removes burning and chilled from you and nearby allies
Specialization line.png
Healing Ripple
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngHealing Ripple
Heal nearby allies when attuning to water
Specialization line.png
Soothing Disruption
Trait IV.pngSoothing Disruption
Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor for 6 seconds. Cantrips have 20% reduced recharge
Cleansing Wave
Trait V.pngCleansing Wave
Remove a condition from you and allies when attuning to water
Aquamancer's Training
Trait VI.pngAquamancer's Training
Deal 10% extra damage when your health is above 90%. All water weapon skills have their recharge reduced by 33%
Specialization line.png
Aquatic Benevolence
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngAquatic Benevolence
Healing done to allies is increased by 15%
Specialization line.png
Cleansing Water
Trait VII.pngCleansing Water
Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally
Powerful Aura
Trait VIII.pngPowerful Aura
When you apply an aura to yourself, grant that aura to all nearby allies as well
Soothing Power
Trait IX.pngSoothing Power
The healing effect of soothing mist is increased by 200%
Arcane Fury
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngArcane Fury
Gain 2 seconds of Fury when you switch attunements
Specialization line.png
Arcane Precision
Trait I.pngArcane Precision
Skills have a chance to apply a condition, based on your current attunement, on critical hits
Renewing Stamina
Trait II.pngRenewing Stamina
Gain vigor when you deliver a critical hit. This effect has a 5 second internal cooldown
Arcane Abatement
Trait III.pngArcane Abatement
Take less damage from falling. Create a spell when you take falling damage, based on your attunement
Specialization line.png
Elemental Attunement
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngElemental Attunement
When attuning to an element, you and nearby allies gain a boon
Specialization line.png
Arcane Resurrection
Trait IV.pngArcane Resurrection
You have increased 10% revive speed. When you revive an ally, you and the revived ally gain an aura based on your attunement.
Elemental Contingency
Trait V.pngElemental Contingency
Gain a boon when you are struck, based on your current attunement
Final Shielding
Trait VI.pngFinal Shielding
Create an arcane shield when you are struck while your health is below the threshold
Specialization line.png
Elemental Enchantment
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngElemental Enchantment
Boon duration is increased by 10% and attunements recharge 15% faster.
Specialization line.png
Evasive Arcana
Trait VII.pngEvasive Arcana
Create an attunement-based spell at the end of your dodge roll. Cleansing Wave (Evasive Arcana): This ability has been unsplit between PvE and PvP and now maintains the full healing power effectiveness in all game modes.
Elemental Surge
Trait VIII.pngElemental Surge
Based on your current attunement, arcane skills inflict a condition on foes that they hit. Gain 150 more ferocity for 15 seconds when you use an arcane skill. Arcane abilities recharge 20% faster
Bountiful Power
Trait IX.pngBountiful Power
Deal 2% more damage for each boon on you

Hoping someone reads this. :D --T1r1g0n

Many of the old builds were archived with the intention to bring them back later I was just busy looking for new stuff 1st xP Only did 2-3 test runs with this after the patch, but don't you think the damage is completely underwhelming? At least that's how I feel about this atm. It takes ages to win a duel (not to mention your pressure isn't enough to beat any of the skirmishing builds) and in teamfights it's completely useless. Plus this can no longer hold its ground vs any of the meta specs. --Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 15:44, 10 July 2015 (UTC)