Elementalist - S/x LH

LH stands for Lightning Hammer afaik, yet it's missing from the build. Shouldn't FB be replaced by it and list FB in the "Variant section"? --Hanz (talk) 09:41, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

I don't know the Ele meta that well but shouldn't we have the 6/6/2/0/0 version of S/F LH as well. It should go 6/6/2/0/0 for the first Ele and the second Ele runs 5/4/0/5/0 or 5/5/2/2/0 (I don't know which is better). --DantesS_P (talk) 21:25, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

I will do all the edits just do me a favor and list all the trait variants What is the 66200 spread look like. and the 5/4/0/5/0 Spread look like give me them in the trait code we use on the site
{{Gw2trait|X|Combined Training}}
fill it with the correct trait and trait number. Then I will fix it into the variant section. Put your edit here so I can do the transfer. --Josepepowner (talk) 21:33, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

{{Traits2014|Elementalist|54050|-/II/-/V/-|-/VI/-/VII||-/VI/-/IV/-|title=Secondary Elementalist}}

{{Traits2014|Elementalist|66200|-/II/-/V/-/XI|-/VI/-/VII/-/X|-/VI||title=Primary Elementalist}}


Tempest Defense Tempest Defense
Tempest Defense
Surround yourself with a Shocking Aura when disabled (stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear or launch). Deal more damage to stunned or knocked-down foes.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 20%
Shocking Aura.pngShocking Aura (4s): Stun nearby attacking foes with an electric shock (only once per 2 seconds for each attacker).
Stun.pngStun (1s): Unable to use skills or move.

as a variant since the Deep Freeze from Ice Bow will give you the 20% damage boost from this trait.

While the second Ele runs the build on the current page. The first build gives the group Perma Fury with a minimal DPS loss while the second is higher DPS and doesn't give redundant fury. So we should have both distributions on the page as basically Ele 1 and Ele 2. Adding either build as a variant isn't entirely accurate because in practice they should both be in use.--DantesS_P (talk) 21:56, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Okay revisions made along with adding the variants please double check the build to insure its good. --Josepepowner (talk) 22:55, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

This is what I intended. The differences in traits are fairly drastic so it is difficult for new players make out how their traits should be distributed if we mention them with just text. We want to keep things concise but this feels necessary with how different the trait distributions are. --DantesS_P (talk) 01:05, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

Well this way works to I just didnt want the page to have so many trait pages but whatever.--Josepepowner (talk) 02:09, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

S/D provides a greater damage output than S/F. The utility of S/F outweighs the extra DPS from S/D in some situations like high lvl fractals, or where a large number of projectiles need reflecting. I think this build should be labeled S/X or S/D with focus as a weapon variant. --Sketal (talk) 14:50, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

Spezialisation Update[edit]

With the new spezialisations ele lost some of it's flat damage stacking traits (like

Stone Splinters Stone Splinters
Stone Splinters
Deal more damage when you are within a range of 600 of your target.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 10%

for example.

But I think LH is still viable. The traitlines with the highest damage output should be:

Fire Magic
Empowering Flame
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngEmpowering Flame
Gain power while in fire attunement.
Book.pngAttribute Adjust: 150
Specialization line.png
Burning Precision
Trait I.pngBurning Precision
Critical hits have a chance to cause burning, and burning lasts longer.
Book.pngChance on Critical Hit: 33%
Burn.pngBurning (2s): 262 Damage
Radius.pngDuration Increase: 20%
Trait II.pngConjurer
Gain fire aura when an ally picks up a conjured weapon. Conjured weapons have more charges.
Fire Shield.pngFire Shield (5s): Enveloped in a fiery shield that burns foes, grants might each time you are struck (1-second cooldown per attacker).
Book.pngAdditional Charges: 10
Burning Fire
Trait III.pngBurning Fire
Use cleansing fire automatically when you have a number of conditions on you.
Book.pngConditions to Trigger: 3
Specialization line.png
Inflict damage at your location when you attune to fire and gain a fire aura.
Damage.pngDamage: 39
Fire Shield.pngFire Shield (3s): Enveloped in a fiery shield that burns foes, grants might each time you are struck (1-second cooldown per attacker).
Book.pngNumber of Targets: 5
Radius.pngRadius: 180
Book.pngCombat Only
Specialization line.png
Pyromancer's Training
Trait IV.pngPyromancer's Training
Deal more damage while attuned to fire. Reduces recharge on all fire weapon skills.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 10%
Book.pngRecharge Reduced: 33%
One with Fire
Trait V.pngOne with Fire
Fire auras you apply last longer and grant might when applied.
Might.png2Might (10s): +60 Power, +60 Condition Damage
Radius.pngDuration Increase: 33%
Power Overwhelming
Trait VI.pngPower Overwhelming
Gain condition damage based on your power.
Book.pngGain condition damage Based on a Percentage of power: 10%
Specialization line.png
Burning Rage
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngBurning Rage
Deal more damage to burning foes.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 10%
Specialization line.png
Persisting Flames
Trait VII.pngPersisting Flames
Executing blast finishers on fire fields grant fury. Fire fields last longer. Create a lava font when you go down.
Fury.pngFury (10s): 20% Critical Chance
Radius.pngDuration Increase: 2 seconds
Pyromancer's Puissance
Trait VIII.pngPyromancer's Puissance
Each skill you use while attuned to fire grants you might.
Might.pngMight (15s): +30 Power, +30 Condition Damage
Book.pngCombat Only
Blinding Ashes
Trait IX.pngBlinding Ashes
Blind foes that you burn.
Blind.pngBlind (4s): Next outgoing attack misses.
Air Magic
Zephyr's Speed
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngZephyr's Speed
Move faster while attuned to air.
Book.pngMovement Speed Increase: 25%
Specialization line.png
Zephyr's Boon
Trait I.pngZephyr's Boon
Auras grant Fury and Swiftness for 5 seconds when applied
Fury.pngFury (5s): 20% Critical Chance
Swiftness.pngSwiftness (5s): 33% Movement Speed
One with Air
Trait II.pngOne with Air
Gain superspeed when attuning to air.
Superspeed.pngSuperspeed (3s): Movement speed is greatly increased.
Ferocious Winds
Trait III.pngFerocious Winds
Gain ferocity based on your precision.
Book.pngGain Ferocity Based on a Percentage of Precision: 7%
Specialization line.png
Electric Discharge
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngElectric Discharge
Strike your target with a bolt of lightning when attuning to air.
Specialization line.png
Trait IV.pngInscription
Grants a boon associated with your current attunement when you cast a glyph. Reduces glyph recharge.
Fire Attunement.pngMight.pngMight (20s): +30 Power, +30 Condition Damage
Water Attunement.pngRegeneration.pngRegeneration (10s): 1300 Heal
Air Attunement.pngSwiftness.pngSwiftness (10s): 33% Movement Speed
Earth Attunement.pngProtection.pngProtection (3s): -33% Incoming Damage
Book.pngRecharge Reduced: 20%
Aeromancer's Training
Trait V.pngAeromancer's Training
Gain precision while attuned to air. Reduces recharge on all air weapon skills.
Book.pngPrecision Increase: 190
Book.pngRecharge Reduced: 33%
Tempest Defense
Trait VI.pngTempest Defense
Surround yourself with a Shocking Aura when disabled (stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, or launch). Deal more damage to stunned or knocked-down foes.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 20%
Shocking Aura.pngShocking Aura (4s): Stun nearby attacking foes with an electric shock (only once per 2 seconds for each attacker).
Specialization line.png
Weak Spot
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngWeak Spot
Chance to cause vulnerability on critical hits.
Book.pngChance on Critical Hit: 60%
Vulnerability.pngVulnerability (5s): 1% Incoming Damage, 1% Incoming Condition Damage
Specialization line.png
Bolt to the Heart
Trait VII.pngBolt to the Heart
Deal more damage when your foe's health drops below the threshold.
Damage.pngDamage Increase: 20%
Radius.pngHealth Threshold: 50%
Fresh Air
Trait VIII.pngFresh Air
Recharge air attunement on a critical hit.
Book.pngRecharge Reduced: 100%
Lightning Rod
Trait IX.pngLightning Rod
Disabling an enemy causes them to be struck by a lightning bolt.
Water Magic
Soothing Mist
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngSoothing Mist
You and nearby allies regenerate health while you are attuned to water. Radius 300
Specialization line.png
Soothing Ice
Trait I.pngSoothing Ice
Gain regeneration and frost aura for 4 seconds when critically hit
Piercing Shards
Trait II.pngPiercing Shards
While attuned to water, your spells deal 20% more damage to vulnerable foes. Vulnerability lasts 33% longer
Stop, Drop, and Roll
Trait III.pngStop, Drop, and Roll
Dodge-rolling removes burning and chilled from you and nearby allies
Specialization line.png
Healing Ripple
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngHealing Ripple
Heal nearby allies when attuning to water
Specialization line.png
Soothing Disruption
Trait IV.pngSoothing Disruption
Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor for 6 seconds. Cantrips have 20% reduced recharge
Cleansing Wave
Trait V.pngCleansing Wave
Remove a condition from you and allies when attuning to water
Aquamancer's Training
Trait VI.pngAquamancer's Training
Deal 10% extra damage when your health is above 90%. All water weapon skills have their recharge reduced by 33%
Specialization line.png
Aquatic Benevolence
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngAquatic Benevolence
Healing done to allies is increased by 15%
Specialization line.png
Cleansing Water
Trait VII.pngCleansing Water
Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally
Powerful Aura
Trait VIII.pngPowerful Aura
When you apply an aura to yourself, grant that aura to all nearby allies as well
Soothing Power
Trait IX.pngSoothing Power
The healing effect of soothing mist is increased by 200%


  • Cleansing Water Cleansing Water
    Cleansing Water
    Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally.
    Book.pngConditions Removed: 1
    to Soothing Power Soothing Power, because there is only one skill that grants regeneration to you or allies, so the triple healing could be better.

My personal feeling is, that the overall damage is nearly the same as before. But I can't prove it because I have no direct comparison. What do you guys think about that?

The only difference to the dnt build is that they use piercing shards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzGBvLg9edk Fredor (talk) 20:13, 21 July 2015 (UTC)
Oh sorry... That's my fault. I mixed up the traits. Of course piercing shards is used. It is correct now. I did not know the video. thanks for that. :) T1r1g0n (talk) 23:42, July 2015 (UTC)


I have updated most of the page, and I agree with changing the title to S/x LH as might stacking is not as important as it used to be for the build, thus you can skip most of your blast finishers making S/D higher damage than S/F. If someone could change the name of the build to S/x LH and include the Dagger skills with the weaponset that would be nice. Abe (talk) 21:25, 21 July 2015 (UTC)