Build talk:Engineer - Decap & Skyhammer

Why Settler's Runes? With Healing scaling so badly, wouldn't it make more sense to go with something else like Rabid/Carrion? --Zidijan

Healing doesn't scale badly for PvP purposes. You basically want to make yourself as tank-y as possible with decap, it's not for doing damage. Also, please sign your comments with 4 tildes (~~~~)--TahiriVeila (talk) 17:05, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

Re: Pistol + bomb variant[edit]

I would split the pistol variant onto a separate page. The traits and utilities are sufficiently different (playstyle as well) that they should be considered distinct builds. Probably move this to Engineer - Rifle Decap and create a new page for Engineer - Pistol Decap--TahiriVeila (talk) 18:05, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

Moving the page[edit]

I am going to move the Variant to a new page same setup and information. I just feel there is way to much of a difference in builds to have them on the same page. -JosePepowner I will leave a link to the new page so you can make edits. S/P Variant can be found there. --Josepepowner (talk) 14:04, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

Juggernaut Variant[edit]

I'd like to propose a variant using the Juggernaut trait as a brawler-type, which is the build I use for decapping. It's not as tanky perhaps, but it's worth noting that when in the flamer kit, Jugg gives you as much toughness as re-allocating the points to Inventions would instead, but with additional Precision, Might, and pressure traits like Sharpshooter. While it's nice to keep enemies off your point for a long time, it's sometimes nicer to bully them off and down them. It also has more teamfighting potential since it makes use of the AoE nature of most of these skills. It's not as durable against multiple enemies, so maybe the build is too different to fit on this page, though. Shazz Bott (talk) 23:52, 23 September 2014 (UTC)


I think Sentinel Amulet Sentinel Amulet is better for this build. Any suggestions regarding the amulet? --Necromancer Icon Color.pngHanz(talk) 10:34, 14 May 2015 (UTC)