Herald - Ventari Bunker

i think the build should me with mallyx

trait setup

ventari 2,1,2 - blind on heal every 3 sec which mitigate dmg and key burst skills, regen and swiftness with staff orbs, and fragment which heal for 1.6-1.85k better to use in smaller fights like in pvp

mallyx 2,3,3/2 - resistance for you is the best way to handle conditions , remove boons and resistance, copy conditions as another pressure or more crit chance for more dmg

dragon - 2,1,2 - ress, protection, and block healing (tricky)

mender amulet to give some pressure with your attack or else you wont be able to pressure at all with maggi.

altruism rune - for more might and fury aoe buff

flock rune - for more blind and healing on heal skill

water rune - boon duration and healing on heal skill more aoe healing


staff +mace/shield - mace proc might stacks and nice burning aoe, AA proc poison so its nice pressure on point to have . usually ppl see burning stacks and dodge away also its push them to use utilities to cleanse the torment poison and burning even though you do very low dmg (200 torment, 500 burning, and low poison)

so far could handle any 1v1 over 1 min on a point. the support abilities is by far the best but its tricky how to handle your tablet around so your team must know thus communication is advisable.