Tempest - Frontline D/W

My ideas to the build[edit]

Specialization: I feel like

is a much better choice of traits, bc it enables many doges. (This lane isn't up to date btw, 2mid now gives vigor and regen with auras) Replacing the fire lane with

Water Magic
Soothing Mist
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngSoothing Mist
You and nearby allies regenerate health while you are attuned to water. Radius 300
Specialization line.png
Soothing Ice
Trait I.pngSoothing Ice
Gain regeneration and frost aura for 4 seconds when critically hit
Piercing Shards
Trait II.pngPiercing Shards
While attuned to water, your spells deal 20% more damage to vulnerable foes. Vulnerability lasts 33% longer
Stop, Drop, and Roll
Trait III.pngStop, Drop, and Roll
Dodge-rolling removes burning and chilled from you and nearby allies
Specialization line.png
Healing Ripple
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngHealing Ripple
Heal nearby allies when attuning to water
Specialization line.png
Soothing Disruption
Trait IV.pngSoothing Disruption
Cantrips grant you regeneration and vigor for 6 seconds. Cantrips have 20% reduced recharge
Cleansing Wave
Trait V.pngCleansing Wave
Remove a condition from you and allies when attuning to water
Aquamancer's Training
Trait VI.pngAquamancer's Training
Deal 10% extra damage when your health is above 90%. All water weapon skills have their recharge reduced by 33%
Specialization line.png
Aquatic Benevolence
Elementalist-minor-trait.pngAquatic Benevolence
Healing done to allies is increased by 15%
Specialization line.png
Cleansing Water
Trait VII.pngCleansing Water
Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally
Powerful Aura
Trait VIII.pngPowerful Aura
When you apply an aura to yourself, grant that aura to all nearby allies as well
Soothing Power
Trait IX.pngSoothing Power
The healing effect of soothing mist is increased by 200%

you can give endurance and heal via auras(vigor) to ur party-member, which supports them. Also air would be a good offensive alternative to earth with top|bot|bot. Stats: I would consider to take cleric paired with zerk/soldier over cele, bc condition dmg isn't very worthy in WvW and and cleric is better for party healing.

Sigil/Rune: Hoelbrak over Strenght

Fire is fine, with Hoelrack condis should be less of an issue. Water also would be an option for bonus party heal. Energy over Bloodlust for GvG.

Skills: Mist form or earth armor over the fire shout should be standard.

Usage: I would overthink it. It is not possible to plan an battle and what if there are lightfields from the guard? Usage should be just something like use auras to heal partymember, etc. and maybe how to bomb with this build. --Idlev (talk) 10:05, 10 November 2015 (UTC)

Since I got no response from anybody and the first voting was bad, I changed a lot. Now this build should be better in a zerg-fight. Also made a lot different from what i wrote above.--Idlev (talk) 16:49, 24 November 2015 (UTC)

Can we get this build moved to meta??? I have been running this build for a little while and I love it. though i feel it could use a little vitality. the runes are fine, but maybe run valk accessories or maybe solider's