Thief - Tequatl (Attack Team)

I would argue this build is highly outdated and needs a huge rework.

First of all, there are two ways Tequatl is done nowadays, ranged and melee, with the most common being ranged. This build however only accounts for melee tequatl, which cover only a tiny portion of actual Tequatl kills. Frankly, there should be two completely different builds for melee and ranged and as so I'm just going to assume this build fits into the melee meta and not touch on the ranged meta.

Now then, regarding the melee meta, this build is yet again far from optimal. The #1 priority on thieves for world bosses is our blast finishers. Our job during a fight is to ensure that throughout the fight, everybody has 25 stacks of might. This will by far increase the total amount of damage that the zerg deals, much more than you could do alone with a S/P build (short bow also does decent damage which you're blasting).

Furthermore, the traits are far too damage focused and will more likely end up getting you downed than actually add any damage. Optimally you want to switch to the executioner trait once Tequatl enters the first defence phase while keeping more defensive traits for the first 25% as they can be pretty brutal on a squishy thief. Personally I run a weird 5/0/4/5/0 build, picking up the extra damage bonuses and extra initiative wherever I can. This also leaves me just by the power cap of 1830, so I don't actually need the final point in deadly arts since it won't actually do me any good.

Finally, the utility skills could also use a slight change. You will rarely actually need Smoke Screen since there are usually tons of guards with wall of reflection, which is just straight out a better ability. There aren't really any great alternatives, but I suggest Infiltrator's signet for a 2nd stun break but also the small extra boost to initiative (--> more blasts --> 15 more might stacks/30 secs --> a lot of extra damage).

BeastEye (talk) 17:02, 22 January 2015 (UTC)

edit: I've now made my own Tequatl thief build to be found here.

BeastEye (talk) 23:35, 22 January 2015 (UTC)