Fractal Skips


In more advanced groups, these skips are commonly utilised to save time.


One of the most important and potent tools available when skipping is the /gg command, or any of its variants. Using /gg will allow you to respawn at the most recently activated checkpoint when out of combat, and if an entire group uses /gg all at once, it will reset cooldowns for everyone, especially useful for Chronomancers to reset the cooldown of Continuum Split if there is no Mistlock Singularity nearby.

Due to the nature of respawning at the next checkpoint, sometimes one party member (usually the Chronomancer) will go ahead and activate the next checkpoint while everyone else uses /gg, skipping a lot.

In addition to /gg, portals are often used, often when using /gg is not ideal.

Skips by Fractal

Fractal Explanation
Aetherblade The first, and simplest skip, is that a Mesmer with (or Thief with and ) can immediately blink up to the consoles after the electrified path and disable them almost immediately. Condition cleanses or more blinks can be used to get around Immobilize Immobilize.
The second, and also simple skip, again has the Mesmer using in conjunction with and to immediately disable the lasers in the laser room.
The third and final skip is similar to the above two, except it is a combination of them. The Chronomancer will use , , , and to disable both the electrified path and the lasers, and portal everyone up, skipping half of the fractal in seconds.
Aquatic Ruins Regardless of which path you get, only one player needs to reach the jellyfish boss. Everyone else can /gg to instantly spawn at the boss encounter.
Chaos The first /gg spot is at the small jumping puzzle before the Anomaly - only one party member has to reach it, and once they have, the party can /gg to respawn there.
The second /gg spot in Chaos is at the end of the bonfire section, once the final bonfire is lit the checkpoint before the Brazen Gladiator is immediately activated, allowing everyone to immediately respawn there once they /gg/
Cliffside Both sets of scaffolding can be skipped by either a Mesmer or a Thief with and / respectively. They can also pull all four chains by cleansing Immobilize Immobilize or using more blinks to get around it.
During the section where the arm seals must be broken, a Mesmer can drop a between the left and right sides to allow a group to instantly traverse between them as soon as either seal is damaged, greatly speeding the encounter up and greatly cutting down on running between the two.
Mai Trin You can skip the boss dialogue by running into the boss arena then using /gg.
Molten Boss You can skip most of the enemies in this fractal as you only need to kill the Elites/Champions in each room to progress.
You can skip the boss dialogue by running into the boss arena then using /gg.
Twilight Oasis Immediately after a group is 'killed' by Amala during the first encounter, the entire group can /gg. Once they do, and once Joko has finished his spiel, they can respawn and they will be outside of the arena, away from trash mobs and closer to the first Sandbinder.
The second skip involves not taking the mob-filled path to the second sandbinder, but rather dropping down to the ground and more or less running in a straight line and taking advantage of the special action key to scale the geometry of the wall west and below the second Sandbinder.
Shattered Observatory The first and simpler skip is extremely easy to pull off: on the second island, the island reached after the bouncing the globolla marbles, the special action key can be used to skip the encounter on the second island and go straight to the third island when angled right. The pillar of stone in the centre of the island can massively help.
The second and harder skip, which skips everything after the first golem encounter and globolla marble and lets a group go straight to the second boss, involves getting to the highest point of the first island, and then jumping and using the special action key in the direction of the platform the second boss is on.
Snowblind After the encounter with the Ice Elemental, only one person needs to reach the encounter with the Legendary Shaman. Everyone else can /gg.
Swampland Despite the vines and rocks blocking your path, many of them are trivially easy to jump over - there are various spots where this is possible, and it makes a lot of otherwise seemingly impossible spawns possible.
A Mesmer can also place a portal to the wisp clefts, which can greatly reduce the stress and time taken to run the wisps.
Thaumanova Reactor It is possible to solo the superheated room on various professions, though the most adept at it would be a Chronomancer due to , , and (keep in mind Continuum Split resets your position when it ends).
Once all four colliders are disabled, players can /gg to immediately respawn in the middle of the fractal, enabling them to instantly go up to the Anomaly.
Uncategorized The first skip that can be done in this fractal involves a Mesmer soloing the first jumping puzzle and using a portal to port everyone up to the containment area.
The second skip that can be done in this fractal involves someone getting to the end of the second jumping puzzle and using /gg, as they will have activated the checkpoint before the Raving Asura.
The third skip that can be done is a variant of the above - any player with a leap such as or can go to the area immediately before the Old Tom encounter after having finished it, and to the left there will be a ramp with a gap to another 'ramp'. This gap can be leapt over and then a player can jump up the checkpoint before the Raving Asura, allowing the party to /gg to get there.
Volcanic After the fight with the Grawl Shaman, anyone can jump down the wall to the right, and there will be a small angled outcropping. A player can then jump down onto the lava and make their way to the island with the Imbued Shaman, and then everyone can /gg and respawn just before the boss.