Open World Gear Variants Summary


This is a heavily condensed version of Open World Gear Variants. To fully understand why certain options are listed, it is recommended you read the full guide. This summary is intended for those who are already familiar with the principals of Open World, attributes, attribute combinations, and how their class works.

Attribute Abbreviations

This guide uses Attribute Abbreviations when discussion gear. They are as follows:

  • Power (PR) - Increases your "direct" damage.
  • Precision (PN) - Increases your Critical Hit Chance.
  • Ferocity (FY) - Increases your Critical Hit Damage.
  • Toughness (TS) - Increases your defense against Direct damage.
  • Vitality (VY) - Increases your health. 1 Vitality = 10 Health.
  • Concentration (CN) - Increases your Boon Duration (Boon Duration and Concentration may be used interchangeably to describe this attribute)
  • Condition Damage (CD) - Increases your damage with Conditions (such as Burning Burning)
  • Expertise (EE) - Increases your Condition Duration ("Condi Duration" and Expertise may be used interchangeably)
  • Healing Power (HR) - Increases your healing.


Buffs are included in this guide because they are often seen as relevant when deciding on gear. This is not true in Open World: You should run the buffs listed below.


  • Ascended food is always better than everything else. Fruit for healing, bread for condi, meat for power. When you see it, pick it up, even if it doesn't match your attribute preference.
  • is almost always superior to any other non-ascended food for farming. The exception is for events where Magic Find should be prioritized (i.e. The Mad King's Labyrinth).
  • For sustain, you can run . These grant extra life when you critically hit an enemy in addition to a moderate Karma bonus. There are several other health-on-crit options, but these are the only ones which improve your income as well.
  • Any food is better than none, but the food above should always take prescedent. When you don't have access to the food above, use whatever food you may have on hand. It is generally not advised to spend a large amount on attribute-increasing food for open world as it will generally not significantly affect your income or your ability to handle open world content. This is in contrast to group PVE such as fractals and raids, where buffs get multiplied quite a lot so even a small increase in attributes can be significant.


  • Halloween Utilities, such as , are generally recommended due to their high magic find increase.
  • Wintersday Utilities are also acceptable as they grant a significant karma bonus (, , and )
  • Any other utilities are better than nothing, but the ones listed above are (generally) superior when it comes to open world farming.


  • Candy Corn Gobbler - This item spends three candy corn to obtain either a random Halloween transformation or a random boost. It is only available from the gemstore for 300 gems, typically during Halloween. This item will largely replace Experience and Karma Boosters. It is highly recommended to pick it up.
  • Experience Booster - Self explanatory. You should almost always be running one of these when farming as it will improve your spirit shard generation, which will dramatically increase your actual gold per hour.
  • Celebration / Birthday Booster - These do the same thing with different durations. They provide a significant boost to magic find and experience from kills, and they do stack with Experience Boosters.
  • Karma Booster - Self explanatory. You should be running this any time you are farming events or karma-rich activities, such as in Silverwastes or Dragonfall.
  • Item Booster - Provides a large boost to magic find. Only worth using when you really need extra magic find.
  • Black Lion Booster - Provides a significant boost to experience from kills, magic find, and gold from kills.


Magic Find, Karmic, and Experience are considered the best options to run. Choose one based on your needs.

Other Buffs

There are many other possible buffs! You should run any of these you can, especially banners as it is relatively common for guild banners to be dropped at popular farming locations.

  • Banners - Banners often provide significant bonuses to gold find, magic find, karma, and experience gain. Use them when you see them. For more information on banners:
  • Communal Bonfire - Can provide a large Karma or Experience buff
  • Winter's Blessing - An account bound consumable obtained during Wintersday. It gives a massive boost to experience.
  • Candy Cane - Drops during Wintersday. Great option for boosting karma gains.
  • New Year's Gift - This is granted by any of the fireworks given during the Lunar New Year festival.

Power Builds

Focus on Power, Precision, and Ferocity. Vitality and Toughness can be added when extra defense is necessary.

Power Attribute Combinations

  • Berserker (PR*, PN, FY) - Highest damage, easy to obtain.
  • Assassin (PR, PN*, FY) - Highest damage for some crit-reliant builds, easy to obtain.
  • Marauder (PR*, PN*, FY, VY) - Very minimal (~10%) damage loss for a massive boost to survivability. Highly recommended for almost all power builds. Hard to obtain.
    • For Core Players: You can emulate this with Valkyrie armor + Assassin's Weapons + Assassin's Trinkets.
  • Soldier (PR*, TS, VY) and Knight (PR, PN, TS*) - Don't use as a full set, but you can use a few pieces of this to boost survivability. Easy to obtain.
  • Valkyrie (PR*, VY, FY) - Don't use as a full set, but you can use a few pieces of this to boost survivability. Mixes best with Assassin gear. Easy to obtain.
  • Diviner (PR*, CN*, PN, FY) - For boon-reliant Power DPS builds. Hard to obtain.
  • Commander (PR*, TS*, PN, CN) and Wanderer (PR*, TS*, VY, CN) - Can be used as a mixer to boost the survivability of any builds that use Diviner. Very hard to obtain.
  • Zealot (PR*, PN, HN) - DPS equal to knights, but with Healing Power. Can work on some builds.
  • Cleric (HR*, TS, PR) - Very low DPS but very high personal survivability with healing power.
  • Harrier (PR*, CN, HR) - The best option for power-based healers.

Power Sigils

  • - The highest damage sigil by far, provided you can stack it quickly.
  • - 2nd best flat damage increase; can replace or pair with Bloodlust.
  • - Cheap but powerful for almost all builds. Careful not to over-cap crit chance.
  • - Decent option if you're running .
  • "3%" Sigils - is best, but other "3% Damage + X" sigils are fine too.
  • - Unique sigil that can beat on certain builds.
  • - Adds extra burst, can be good on builds with high crit chance.
  • - Best for Tagging builds.

Power Runes

Offensive Options

  • - Potent DPS option for any builds that provide their own boons.
  • - Excellent DPS option for all power builds.
  • - Scholar works well if you already have them from other PvE content. If you only play Open World, there are better options.
  • - Great for any builds that can already generate some might. Pair with for a permanent 10-15 stacks of might.
  • - Cheap and powerful option for any class that can reliably keep up nearly 100% Burning Burning uptime. Guardian and Elementalist can easily abuse this.
  • - Cheap DPS option
  • - Strong DPS option available with Dungeon Tokens.

Defensive / Hybrid Options

  • - For classes with reliable access to Vigor Vigor.
  • - Defensive option for boon reliant builds. Great alternative to .
  • - Good defensive option for builds that don't rely on boons.
  • - The strongest defensive rune for Event or Tagging builds. Not recommended for Solo builds.

Condition Builds

Focus on Condition Damage and Expertise. Sometimes Power, Precision, and Ferocity can be helpful. Add defensive stats only when needed. Trailblazer gear is extremely powerful for solo builds.

  • Imporant Note: Builds that rely on single conitions (i.e. Burning Elementalist) don't always need Expertise.

Condition Attribute Combinations

  • Viper (PR*, CD*, PN, EE) - Highest DPS in general. Can be difficult to obtain.
  • Trailblazer (TS*, CD*, EE, VY) - Extremely powerful gear for solo condition builds. Very hard to obtain.
  • Dire (CD*, TS, VY) - Alternative to Trailblazer, works best for single-condition builds. Easy to obtain.
  • Rabid (CD*, TS, PN) - Like Dire, but with Precision. Easy to obtain.
  • Carrion (CD*, VY, PR) - Like Dire, but with Power. Easy to obtain.
  • Grieving (PR*, CD*, PN, FY) - Very strong on single-condition builds. Usually has higher burst but lower damage over time than Viper's gear. Can be difficult to obtain.
  • Sinister (CD*, PN, PR) - Like Grieving but more focus on condition damage. Fairly easy to obtain.
  • Shaman (VY*, CD, HR) - For condition healers like Heal Scourge. Easy to obtain.
  • Apothecary (HR*, CD, TS) - Alternative to Shaman's gear. Heals more but less defense. Easy to obtain.

Condition Sigils

  • - Highest flat DPS increase
  • - Alternative to or pairs with . Great flat DPS increase.
  • - Good for builds that need just a little bit more duration on a few conditions.
  • - Great for high-precision builds that have high Bleeding Bleeding duration.
  • - For builds that need the extra critical hit chance.
  • - This sigil has a very unique interaction with some builds and can result in incredible damage increases under the right circumstances.
  • "20% Duration" Sigils - Sigils such as or for when you need just a bit of a boost on that one condition.

Condition Runes

Offensive Options

  • - Ideal for most condition builds. Requires Dungeon Tokens.
  • - Alternative to that can be bought or crafted.
  • / - Both good options for builds that don't need any additional condition duration.
  • - A bit of a niche option. Strong if your build can make good use of the varying durations.
  • "50% Duration" Runes - Runes such as , , and will grant you massively increased duration for a single condition. Ideal for builds based on said condition (i.e. Burn Elementalist or Bleed Ranger).

Defensive / Hybrid Options

  • - Arguably the strongest defensive options for Event and Tagging builds; not recommended for Solo builds.
  • - Possibly the best "General" option for most condition builds in open world.
  • - Great hybrid / defensive option.
  • - Pairs well with Trailblazer solo builds.
  • - Good for any condition builds that also generate their own boons.

Utility Builds

For healers, supports, and stuff that works for all builds. No focus, just take whatever you need.

Utility Attribute Combinations

  • Minstrel (TS*, HR*, VY, CN) - The best "pure tank" or support option. Very expensive to obtain.
  • Nomad (TS*, VY, HR) - Like Minstrel but without Boon Duration. Fairly easy to obtain.
  • Snowflake / Giver (TS*, HR, CN) - Like Minstrel but without Vitality. Often the best alternative to Minstrel for open world builds. Easy to obtain.
  • Magi (HR*, VY, PN) - Great, easily obtainable option for healers that don't need boon duration. Easy to obtain.
  • Celestial / All Stats (PR, PN, TS, VY, FY, CD, HR) - Niche statset that's very strong on builds that can abuse all of it, such as auramancer. Either very expensive or very annoying to obtain.

Utility Sigils

  • - Provides you with a stacking buff that drastically increases your boon duration.
  • - Provides a flat increase to your boon duration. Can be used in place of or paired with .
  • - Provides a stacking buff that increases your healing.
  • - The flat-bonus variant of . Can be used in place of or paired with.
  • - Stacking defensive sigil that provides an increase to toughness after each kill.
  • - Pair with for a permanent, extreme movement speed buff. Especially useful for Tagging builds.
  • - Adds some AoE damage potential to builds that need it. Especially useful for Tagging builds.
  • - Very fun sigil that adds random boons when you kill something. It has no internal cooldown.
  • - For healing if you have crit chance.
  • - For healing if you don't have crit chance.
  • - Powerful defensive option for almost every build.
  • - Extremely powerful sigil for builds that rely heavily on doding, such as Daredevil and Mirage. Especially useful for certain Tagging or Event builds.
  • - Strong sustain option for builds with a lot of crit chance.
  • - Sustain option for builds without critical chance.
  • - This sigil has a very unique interaction with some builds.
  • - Mostly a fun option to pair with celestial users.

Utility Runes

Healing Runes
Healing runes focus on maximizing your ability to heal others.

  • - Best option for healing builds. Requires dungeon tokens.
  • - Best alternative to if your build relies heavily on Regeneration Regeneration.
  • - Easily obtainable alternative to .
  • - Downstate control for big events. Can be strong with certain traits.

Defensive Runes
These defensive runes can be used by just about any class or build!

  • - Top tier sustain / defense rune. Requires dungeon tokens.
  • - Top tier defensive rune with boon duration.
  • - Great sustain for any build, so long as you're getting lots of kills.
  • - Can be used with any build. Not a very strong option, but they're cheap and effective.
  • - Very powerful and easy-to-obtain defensive rune that is useful for almost all open world content.
  • - +Protection Duration and +Incoming Healing.
  • - Useful for any bulids with lots of blocks (Looking at you, Guardian).
  • - Good all-stats option.

Miscellaneous Runes
Miscellaneous runes focus on providing stats that any build can make use of. These often feature unique or niche effects.

  • - Hard to obtain, but one of the best options for boons.
  • - Defensive alternative to . Much easier to obtain.
  • - Adds 50%
    Protection Protection
    Apply protection to yourself.
    Protection.pngProtection (10s): -33% Incoming Damage
    Range.pngRange: 1,200
    duration, which some builds may lean heavily on.
  • - Very powerful rune for mobility. Pairs well with .
  • - Can work with many different builds; more defensive-oriented.