Queens Gauntlet Builds


The Queen's Gauntlet is both a popular and a dreaded event within the Festival of the Four Winds. It consists of a small arena where players progress through a series of bosses tournament-style, ending with King Turai Ossa. Each boss has its own mechanics to pay attention to, though most of them are relatively easy to burst down without much trouble and mechanics can often be ignored. This is not a comprehensive guide to each boss, but rather a brief overview and a suggestion of builds to use in the Queen's Gauntlet.

This guide will not cover strategies to deal with Gambits.


There are four tiers of bosses - 1-3 and Special. The list below is going to assume you have no Gambits active.

Halmi Hammerfell

With a DPS build, burst him down as fast as possible. He has a huge attack with a large tell that you must dodge.


Very easy, burst him as fast as possible and use blocks and dodges to stop hits after the first two.

Windcaller Kieldia

Knocks back often, but is extremely squishy. Use CC and burst her as fast as possible.

Suriel the Blazing Light

The first boss in the gauntlet with mechanics that matter. Darkness pools will spawn around the arena which the player must lure her through. Occasionally stand in these to gain a buff which makes you immune to her Solar Flare. Once she enters a pool, she becomes vulnerable. Burst her down.

Tyre Ragemaw

Similar to Doobroosh. Burst him, dodge hits when his health is very low.


Red orbs will spawn around the arena which increase your damage when passed through. No other mechanics; burst him.


Sidestep the flame projectiles while bursting him down quickly. You can only leave the flame ring with an Invulnerability like .

The Crew of the Ravenous

Each member has their own mechanics they grant to the rest when they die, but the fight is relatively easy so long as you try to kill Adil last.

Subject 7

A bit like Subject 6 - A big ooze that spawns baby oozes. Don't focus on the babies, just burst down 7 as fast as you can.

Deadeye Dunwell

Dunwell opens the fight with a 1-shot attack that resembles a Deadeye's attacks - Dodge this shot without running into any of the mines. Note that it is unblockable. From there he's easy to quickly dispatch.

Strugar and Chomper

These two have some synergy together, but if you aren't using gambits the entire thing can be ignored. Kill Strugar first and dodge Chomper's massive attack that will follow and the fight is yours.

Liadri the Concealing Dark

Note: It may be beneficial to turn off Post Processing for this boss.

Probably the single most annoying boss in the entire set due to her somehow learning how to use the games graphics engine against you. She's broken into two phases:

Phase One

In this phase, Liadri is invulnerable until you clear the three shields she possesses.

  • Visions will spawn around the arena, they one hit you if you get too close.
  • Cosmic Rifts spawn and pull you to them. Kill them with a ranged attack or use stability to prevent the pull.
  • Whirlpools of Light will spawn around the arena. Lead the Visions through the whirlpools to destroy them.
  • When a Vision is destroyed, an Orb will spawn. Pick it up and throw it at Liadri to remove her shields. You need three Orbs in total.
  • A major tip for a lot of players is that Liadri's normal attacks in this phase are projectiles. Using any consistent projectile hate will drastically improve your chances of surviving this phase with enough HP to take on the next phase.
Phase Two

Once all three of Liadri's shields are removed, Phase Two begins.

  • Liadri will almost immediately launch into a series of powerful attacks. Be ready for her to deal a considerable amount of damage.
  • The area attack now covers two halves of the arena at once, at opposite ends.
  • Visions will continue to spawn

The most effective strategy for Phase Two is to try and burst Liadri while blocking her attacks. Alternatively a build with high ranged damage can kite her and her visions easily, so long as the player avoids the area attack.

Master of Lightning

This boss can be a problem if your DPS is not high enough, but with enough burst you can easily kill him before he becomes a problem. The only attack to watch for here is the spinning pull he uses, which can easily one-shot most players if they can't avoid being dragged into melee range. Use teleports or disengages like , , or to escape the pull and continue DPSing the Master.

Pallia the Errant

Pallia can be a very challenging encounter for players with high ping or poor reaction time. There are three mechanics to be weary of:

  • The Spin: Pallia will frequently spin at the player and perform a short series of attacks. At the end of these attacks, the player will be stunned - Staying stunned in this encounter will easily result in death. Dodge roll at the very end of the combo to avoid the stun.
  • The Sword: Pallia will summon a falling sword into the arena. A player can catch this sword with the special action key and throw it back at her, or dodge out of the area of attack.
  • Orbs: Pallia will summon orbs of light into the arena which become more dangerous as the fight goes on longer. The orbs reflect projectiles and will one-shot glass cannon builds. Avoid them at all costs, which usually means staying relatively close to Pallia.

Champion Gladiator Waine

Waine is a rogue-like guardian with a handful of very annoying abilities, but is easily dealt with if the player has access to reflects or consistent projectile hate. His primary attack is a line attack which resembles a Guardian's . This attack deals tremendous damage but can be reflected or blocked with projectile hate like or . It can also be interrupted by instant CC such as .

Allowing Waine to channel while blocking or reflecting his attack will allow the player to deal large amounts of damage from absolute safety. Waine only has two other skills to watch out for - His Leap and his Line of Warding.

  • The Leap has a very short tell and deals extremely high area damage. It looks like a Warrior's .
  • The Line of Warding will knock players down if they attempt to cross it and do not have stability.

Avoid both of these attacks and Waine becomes relatively easy to defeat.

Suriel the Radiant Light

Suriel comes back for round two here, but with a different set of mechanics than before. Similar to her original form and Liadri, Suriel is invulnerable at the beginning of the fight. After a few seconds she will summon Bows of Truth; kill the first one that spawns and burst Suriel down as fast as you can.

Once the bows are summoned, Suriel will deal extremely high damage in melee, so dodge away from her once she gets close or use long-duration blocks or evades. After a few seconds she will return to the center and the remaining two bows will fade. She will summon three more. Kill the first one and focus on Suriel again. As long as you have dodged or evaded her CC you should be able to defeat her in this phase.

Suriel is also relatively easy to cheese with a a heal/dps hybrid build, such as Plaguedoctor's Scourge or Firebrand. She typically won't have the DPS to kill you and is rather glassy herself.

King Turai Ossa

The final boss of the Gauntlet, Turai is by far the hardest boss in the set. He deals extremely high damage and has more gapclosers than your average Daredevil main.

The fight is broken into three phases:

Phase One

In Phase one, Turai will have both of his Legendary Weapons equipped - The Eternal Blade and the Shield of Elona. During this phase, it is best to avoid combat against him. Use dodges and leaps to avoid his attacks; this will likely take some practice. Endurance Regeneration from Vigor Vigor and will prove exceptionally valuable.

After 20 seconds have passed, Turai will head to the center of the platform and attempt to throw the Shield of Elona at you. Dodge or block this (It is also possible to side-step, though difficult). If you fail, good luck. When you successfully avoid the hit, Turai will gain a breakbar. Break the bar and he will lose the Shield of Elona buff.

Phase Two

With the buff gone, Turai can actually be fought if you have enough dodges and sustain to do so. He can be CC'd now as well, which makes the fight might easier. If you find yourself not able to quickly defeat him, you can wait out the next 20 seconds in a similar manner to the first and the same thing will happen with his Eternal Blade.

Break his bar after dodging the thrown Blade and he will lose his massive damage buff.

Phase Three

From here, Turai is very easy. He still possesses much of his CC but his damage and defense are massively nerfed. Burst him down while avoiding getting knocked down.


There are many builds which are perfectly capable of soloing the entirety of the Gauntlet, and players who are familiar with their class can easily defeat the entire Gauntlet with nearly any build they choose. The builds listed below are guidelines, and should be treated as such.

Queen's Gauntlet Builds
Soul ReapingReaperSpite
ReaperCursesSoul Reaping
Soul ReapingCursesScourge
Deadly ArtsTrickeryDaredevil
TrickeryDaredevilCritical Strikes
TrickeryDeadeyeCritical Strikes