The Warclaw is an armored feline battle mount from the Mist War. It is the only mount usable in WvW maps, and is obtainable exclusively from WvW.


This content requires Path of Fire.

Travel to WvW and open the WvW panel [B]. Click the Rank and Abilities tab (fourth tab) and spend at least 1 World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery ability at the bottom of the list. Then activate the Warclaw Reward Track in the Reward Tracks tab (third tab). Now you should have one of the 8 collection items completed. To finish the collection:

  • Take a keep.
  • Take a tower.
  • Take a camp.
  • Get a drop from killing guards.
  • Buy the Warclaw Leg Armor from Elvie for 250 Badges of Honor (dropped by objective lords and enemy players).
  • Finish the reward track.
  • Earn 50 skirmish claim tickets to purchase the Warclaw Armor Bolts from Elvie. This would take a maximum of 10.5 hours of playtime for a player with minimum rank and no Commitment bonus but still eligible to earn skirmish tickets (2 weekly WvW resets since last server transfer).

The three objective capturing (keep, tower, camp) requirements can be completed somewhat easily by killing an “insurance guard”: killing a guard at any time at an objective will give a player credit for the capture of that objective as long as they are on the map at the moment of capture, even if it is a long while later than the kill.

The drop from guards seems to have about a 10% drop rate, but anecdotal evidence suggests a wide variance between individual accounts. Some players report the drop on their first guard kill while other players have reported killing guards for more than an hour before finally getting the drop.

The reward track and skirmish tickets can be farmed concurrently. The time required for collection of 50 skirmish tickets should be nearly sufficient for the completion of the reward track even without buffs. To increase the rate of progress on the reward track, run as many buffs as you can: guild potion (free if you’re in an upgraded guild), amulet enhancement (5 laurels and 125 Badges of Honor), Celebration Bonus (Birthday and Celebration Boosters), Experience Booster, and Black Lion Boost (Black Lion Booster). Potions of WvW Rewards will give instant progress on the reward track; 80 Potions will finish it completely.

Use of mounts in WvW

Use of the Warclaw mount in WvW allows for movement across territory without being susceptible to CCs, instantly finishing downed enemies, and masteries that include being able to detect enemies players on the map similarly to them being marked by sentries.

Movement speed on the Warclaw reduces the necessity to include movement speed into your build. Warclaws can be upgraded through masteries to move more quickly in territory owned by your server. Warclaws behave like other mounts in that they behave as though they have a defiance bar, so CCs and soft CC conditions have no effect on them; this makes them a relatively safe way to traverse enemy territory (although they are relatively squishy so won’t be able to take much damage before you will be forcibly dismounted).

Warclaws are unable to glide, even in server-owned territory. They will take fall damage, and so will the player, which can be fatal. It is also impossible to dismount a Warclaw in the air, so watch your step. You can, however, use the Maul skill just before jumping off a cliff in served-owned territory in order to be able to transition to a glide.