WvW Interesting Places


This guide will show you all the useful places you can find on World vd World, such as places to hide as a mesmer, places to kite and some secret places you can go. If you have difficulties understanding any of the words used on the guide check the Vocabulary section at the end.

The guide will be split into Borderlands and Eternal Battleground, then there will be section for each zone of the map.

Please note that there won't be: instructions on how Void Jump, structures bug or any other form of exploiting. Any attempt of adding such informations on the guide will imply the account ban.

Hiding inside a structure

Some of you may ask "Why should I hide inside a tower/keep if I can't do anything alone?". There are many things you can do inside a strucutre:

  • Reviving a dead ally to help you capping the structure.
  • Soloing the structure. For towers especially it's not as hard as you think.
  • If you are a mesmer, you can use
    Portal Entre Portal Entre
    Portal Entre
    Glamour. Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal.
    Book.pngRange Threshold: 5,000
    Duration.pngDuration: 60 seconds
    to get your allies inside.
  • You can destroy all sieges so that it will be easier for your allies to attack the tower.
  • By killing the Worker you will stop all the structure upgrades until it's revived.

An advice for hiding better is to use the command /sleep, this will make your cahracter lay and result less visible. Before hiding make sure there are no guards or they will keep attack you and possibly reveal your position, killing them will also take enemies's attention.

Eternal Battleground

North Corner


Speldan Clearcut

Anzalias Pass

Overlook Keep

Veloka Tower

Ogrewatch Cut

South-East Corner