Creating an account[edit]

In order to write or edit articles on this wiki, you will need to create an account and verify your email.


The verification email will be automatically sent to your email once you register. You will have to click on the provided link in that email in order to edit, vote, discuss and submit new builds.

Getting Credit[edit]

As a registered user you will get credit for each contribution while you are logged in. Taking credits for a build on it's article page isn't allowed.

Editing existing pages[edit]

To edit a page, click on the "Edit" button at the top.


Metabattle uses a special formating code, take a look at the Formating page for more info.


You can save an edit by clicking on the "Save page" button. Make sure to use the "Show preview" button before you try to save to avoid multiple small changes to the same page.

Creating new pages[edit]

You can create new pages simply by entering the desired title in the search field. If the page doesn't already exist the website will ask you if you would like to create that page, this is where you decide whether you want to create that page or not.

Moving pages[edit]

To move a page and give it a new name, use the "Move" button at the top. This will allow you to move the page, including its history, to a brand new page.

  • DO NOT move pages by copy & paste the content.
  • DO NOT remove all content from a page.


Each page on this wiki has a "Discussion" page you can leave comments, questions, suggestions and other contributions. Make sure to follow the format below:

  • Always sign your comments by putting ~~~~ after them. That will display your signature.
  • When answering to a post, make sure to place ":" infront of your answer. Keep in mind that you need to place one extra ":" than the post you're answering to.
  • Avoid all personal attacks.
  • Try to be constructive when discussing a build

How to write a build[edit]

It is highly recommended that new users practice editing and making new builds in their own User folder. After registering and logging in, click this link and create a page with anything inside it. Read the following guides before you try to edit/create new builds: