This page is an official policy on MetaBattle.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.


This policy describes the rating procedure used on Metabattle to judge the quality of a build. Each user can give his opinion on a build by rating it along several criteria. From these votes, an overall rating is calculated which determines in which category of quality the build will be stored on Metabattle, and if it is worth adding to our database at all.

The only cases where voting doesn't occur on a build is if it is considered a significant part of the current metagame and is to be given a Meta tag.

New Builds[edit]

  • When a build is ready to be submitted by a user, it should be added to the Trial category with {{Trial-Build|rating=Trial|Gametype}}. The community will then discuss improvements and additions to the build. Changes will be made that improve the build for it's specific gametype will be made according to our [[Editing Policy]].
    • If a build is found to fulfill the requirements for our [[Deletion Policy]] it will be handled accordingly.
  • Once adjustments have been made and no other significant changes are being proposed. It is to be moved to the Testing category with {{Testing-Build|rating=Testing|Gametype}}. Where it can be voted on and vetted by the community.
    • If the build is a significant part of the PvE/WvW/sPvP metagame and deserves the Meta tag. It will skip the Testing phase and be moved by an Admin with {{Meta-Build|rating=Meta|Gametype}}


In the Testing phase builds can be voted in a 1-5 scale. A rough guideline for those ratings are

  • 5 - Great: One of the most effective builds in a specific gametype. Either fulfilling a necessary role to an extraordinary degree or has a broad effectiveness throughout the gametype.
  • 4 - Good: Is an effective build that has some advantages over Great builds but doesn't have the broad effectiveness of Great builds. These advantages should be significant enough to let it stand out from other builds.
  • 3 - Mediocre: A build that does it's role reasonably well but is outclassed by other builds. Has good ideas but in practice doesn't bring many advantages to warrant it's use.
  • 2 - Poor: A build that is focused on a niche ideas and doesn't bring any advantages that would be significant in its gametype. Shows a lack of understanding of the metagame.
  • 1 - Bad: Has severe flaws that prevent it from being viable, either nonsense reasoning or lack of focus in the build. Shows a lack of understanding of game mechanics.


After a build has received a minimum of 5 votes they are to be sorted in the following categories depending on the rating.

  • Great: (4.5 - 5.0) The highest category of working builds. These have great ideas that will be fantastic contributions to our database.
  • Good: (3.5 - <4.5) The lower category of working builds. These have good ideas with strengths that are worth noting in our database.
  • Trash: (0 - <3.5) Poor builds that don't have good ideas or an inferior copy to another build. These aren't worth keeping on our database and are to be deleted in a period of X weeks according to our [[Deletion Policy]]

Meta Builds[edit]

These builds are a significant part of the metagame and are to be curated by the Administrators. These are NOT necessarily the most effective builds in their respective gametypes. But are of significant popularity and quite a often key builds other builds revolve around in the metagame.

When a build is to be considered to a Meta build it should roughly fulfill this criteria

  • Dominate popularity in it's respective gametype
  • Would be considered a Great quality build

Any user can bring up the possibility of a build being a Meta build on the talk page of a pre-existing build and is encouraged to do so if the build fulfills the above criteria. When a build is deserving of the Meta tag it will be added to the Category by an Administrator. Meta builds can skip the voting process and can be directly added by an Administrator to keep up with a shifting metagame. And Admins will take extra care to ensure these are as up to date as possible and if the metagame changes remove the Meta tag if necessary. But as stated in our Administrator Policy they do not have additional say over the content of those builds. Admins will however push to have these builds as standard possible and accessible to newer players.

Additional Information[edit]

Please also refer to our [[Editing Policy]] and [[Deletion Policy]] for further info on how build pages will be handled.

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