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What are CC and Breakbars?

Peu Research Center

Thanks to the hard work of Peureki, an open world commander, we now have access to the Peu Research Center Benchmarks, which can give you a good idea on where you might look to start farming.


Guild Wars 2 Efficiency is an extremely useful tool for any Guild Wars 2 player and is recommended for everyone. All you need to start is your API key!

Partner Communities

We have several partner communities which help us shape some of the builds found here. They provide critical feedback and are a great place to learn the ropes in Open World.

Metabattle Discord Server

Our discord is very active with daily discussion and a good place to ask questions.

Overflow Trading Company

The Overflow Trading Company is a massive, independently-run trading discord aimed at facilitating trading outside of the in-game trading post. They also teach people how to make money and have many different tools and informative resources to help you on your way. If you're interested in trading or how to make gold in GW2, check them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play these builds in dungeons, fractals, and/or raids?

A: No, these builds are for open world. When joining a dungeon, fractal, or raid group, you should play a Fractal or Raid build.

Q: I don't have the right stats/runes/sigils/unlocked traits for this build. Can I still play it?

A: Yes, but your effectiveness will be limited. Having the right gear and traits is important for maximizing a build's potential. You can still run a build that's close to the recommended build, but you should work your way up to the right gear/traits eventually. Some builds will not function without certain traits, so its worth looking into.

Q: I haven't reached level 80 and don't have these skills/traits unlocked. What should I do?

A: Under level 80 you shouldn't worry about running the absolute best build. Instead, you should try out different weapons, skills, and traits to learn how they work. If you start finding story missions/normal enemies difficult, make sure you're wearing gear appropriate to your level. If you aren't, you can always visit an Armorsmith or Weaponsmith which always offer basic gear within your level range.

Q: The build suggests (X weapon/skill/trait) but I find (Y weapon/skill/trait) more fun to use. Can I use that instead?

A: These builds are meant to be templates which you modify to fit your preferences. Open World has no true "meta". With that said, certain builds hinge heavily on specific traits or gear combinations, so its worth studying and playing the build before you start modifying it.

Q: I would like to contribute suggestions/gameplay tips/new builds. Where do I start?

A: MetaBattle is a community wiki where anyone can contribute! Feel free to edit the build pages or create your own build page. More information can be found at Tutorial and Style Manual.

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What Profession Should I Play?

What are Combo Fields?

Ways to Earn Gold

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