Has alternative fact text

This text property stores the fact's alternative text which replaces preset types, this includes all values for param alt handled by {{Skill fact}}.

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"Aftershock!"#fact5 +Blast Radius  +
"Fear Me!"#fact0 +0 to 200 Distance  +
"Fear Me!"#fact2 +400 to 600 Distance  +
"Fear Me!"#fact1 +200 to 400 Distance  +
"Feel My Wrath!"#fact2 +Max Number of Allied Targets  +
"Feel the Burn!"#fact4 +Blast Radius  +
"Receive the Light!"#fact1 +Self Heal per Pulse  +
"Receive the Light!"#fact0 +Initial Self Heal  +
"Receive the Light!"#fact2 +Allied Heal per Pulse  +
"Receive the Light!"#fact5 +Healing Breeze Duration  +
"Strength of the pack!"#fact4 +Boon Application Interval  +
"Wash the Pain Away!"#fact1 +Second Heal  +
"Wash the Pain Away!"#fact5 +Second Heal Radius  +
"Wash the Pain Away!"#fact0 +First Heal  +
"Wash the Pain Away!"#fact2 +Third Heal  +
"Wash the Pain Away!"#fact4 +First Heal Radius  +
"Wash the Pain Away!"#fact6 +Third Heal Radius  +
"You Are All Weaklings!"#fact3 +Might per target hit  +
A.E.D.#fact0 +Healing when lethal damage taken  +
Adaptive Armor#fact0 +Condition Damage Reduced  +
Air Blast#fact2 +Extends Burning Duration  +
Air Blast#fact0 +Knockback distance  +
All's Well That Ends Well#fact1 +Number of Allied Targets  +
Ambidexterity#fact0 +Condition Damage  +
Ambush#fact0 +Triggered Thief Duration  +
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