Chronomancer - Chaos Bunker

4 stars
4 stars
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Forgotmypasswordlulz gave this build 0 stars August 2017

Lemme get this straight, it's like condi mes but no damage? xd why would anyone play this instead of sage? i see there are some support skills thrown in but not enough to pay for the damage lost

5 stars
Evergrand gave this build 5 stars August 2017

This build has great combination of team support and damage, examples of this can be seen in the wells as they offer team support through heals and boons such as protection. Furthermore, thanks to the menders amulet, shatters heal for nearly two thousand health points each. The only downside I can find in this build is that it requires teammates to understand how the wells work so that they can position themselves to benefit from the buffs.

5 stars
Messiah gave this build 5 stars August 2017

cause you say bunker i give it great. it lack party support as the ele , ranger , ventari. can handle 1v1. but heavy condi pressure combine with direct dmg like 1v2 can ruin it like any other bunker.

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars August 2017

It's a decent mix of support, damage and a lot of CC. Very disruptive and can set up kills rather well but often relies on allies to follow up on it. Not always as impactful on the game as I'd like it to be, but has its moments and definitely works.

5 stars
Utrex gave this build 5 stars August 2017

It can take in quite a lot of damage. In this meta the build has trouble with constant reapplication of conditions such as from Mirage, but Scourge is easier to play against. It can also deal some surprising damage to teamfights. If Mirage gets nerfed this build will be a lot easier to play IMO (and better).

Edit: Confusion just got nerfed, as in, finally being able to be outplayed by not using skills while confused. Changing back to Great rating.