Dragonhunter - Meditrapper Roamer

4 stars
4 stars
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4 stars
Elthari gave this build 4 stars June 2020

Good roaming spec. Performs well against either squishy classes, has a nice engagement envelope. Yoinking people off walls and safe ledges is a plus, trueshot deals surprisingly much damage. On the other hand bunkers cause stalemates and good bunker players will exhaust and kill you.

4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars May 2020

Still an alright roamer, has the same strengths and weaknesses it always had. Great at killing squishies like mesmers and thieves, terrible vs tanky specs. Basically if you can burst something down, you win. If you can't, you don't have the sustain to outlast them.

4 stars
Staub gave this build 4 stars April 2019

Still a great build for roaming (thanks to Fireworks runes) and Zergs. LB crits for 8-9k from 1.500 /1.200 range which is a great way to dismount those pesky enemies who try to run away. Overall, still a strong tier-2 build.

2 stars
Top Cat gave this build 2 stars March 2019

I've spent a lot of time with this build and used to love it. Meditrapper is a pretty solid jack-of-all-trades, which made it good for extended small fights. Unfortunately this build does not excel at any one thing in particular, and the addition of mounts negates a lot of Dragonhunter's unique toolkit. Spear of Justice, Shield of Absorption, Deflecting Shot, Hunter's Ward, and Test of Faith were very effective at slowing down or interrupting foes. Mounts however cannot be CC'd and DH does not have the quick damage burst to dismount opponents. Right now DH does not stack up well compared to other specs that run with far more survivability or a much greater damage burst.

4 stars
Arcaedus gave this build 4 stars February 2019

Been running this build (and very similar variations) ever since HoTcame out. It's my favorite build to play.

This build is a decent roamer with strong (but gimmicky) burst, average sustained damage, above average sustain and average mobility. It's around middle of the totem pole currently.

Just wanted to leave a quick comment here about gearing: Both Firework Runes (if you prefer more offence) and Defender runes are superior to Durability runes for this build. The difference is not phenomenal but after extensively playing around with all three I can say I noticed a positive difference when playing either Defender or Firework runes.

4 stars
Tyroxin gave this build 4 stars January 2019

Not at the top anymore, but still a solid build to run combining power damage with respectable defense. Recent power builds, especially those with stability, are better however.

5 stars
Grxrg gave this build 5 stars August 2018

The stat combination is wrong and nonsense, Soldier pieces on armor is a big no.

Play the standard Full marauder armor, marauder weapons and full berserker trinkets and backpiece.

You end up with 16k hp without buffs, feel free to change one or two trinkets to marauder as well for extra crit chance and hp.

-Durability Runes are the way to go, no question.

-Full might infusions.

-Omnoberry ghost is a good food to use for sustain and precision (Dh relies a lot on crits to win).

-Sigil of energy in both weapon set.

Blood sigil on longbow for extra sustain and doom sigil on sword to deal with high regen professions helps a lot.

Those two can be swapped for air/fire, intelligence, agility, anything that you feel good.

With this set up you are extremely deadly and can take pretty much any 1vs1, rangers and good spellbreakers with megabane are tough. Mirages too, but they have no real counter.

Use Judges Intervention less as possible, unless you are sure to get the kill on a running target or for an emergency stunbreak, this is your only instant way to get immediately away from a fight tagging a random enemy in the map, rabbits and chickens works too to teleport.

5 stars
Th3Destroyah gave this build 5 stars March 2017

A very solid build for roaming in small groups or alone. Though I have some dificulties fighting engineers and condi mesmers with this build, I still enjoy it a lot. Best thing about this build is, you just need to adjust 2 or 3 traits and 2 skills and you become viable in zerg fights and not only in 1v1 or smaller group fights.