Engineer - Burn Utility

4 stars
4 stars
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5 stars
Wrathofthestorm gave this build 5 stars June 2017

Build is fantastic. Works well on a surprise burst.

5 stars
Scrathanon gave this build 5 stars May 2017

This build does exactly what it says it does: it provides the engineer with an albeit high skill level, but high potential condition build that may be able to stay in meta if enough time is dedicated to it. It offers healing and disengaging, power burst, methods of dealing with condi cleanse, among other things. I've had much success with this build, won well over 70% of matches I play with it. Although your mileage may vary, investing some time into it can lead to bountiful results.

And no, it is _not_ Condition Flamethrower with different skills, as opposed to what some people think.

5 stars
Gruff Gearhammer gave this build 5 stars March 2017

This build is going to give you a hard time if you don't position well and if you are not used to the engineer combo field usage. But if you are a skilled one this build is actually awesome: not only is a massive thief killer (you have a lot of mobility and you can easily catch them use few skills and condi them down) but it can also survive a lot in teamfights, while also bringing a lot of utility to the table.

Of course in a bunker/sustaining meta like this one, with burning DHs, necros and elementalists it might seem hard to play, but you'd be surprised on how well it can perform against them.

Right now I've only been stopped by good eles, as they can reflect projectiles with the magnetic aura, but don't panic: just play defensive, wait for them to switch stance and unleash the pressure!!!

I have to say it's also one of the funniest build to play: if you're tired of the OP 0skilled power hammer build, give this one a try!!

5 stars
TheRealMC gave this build 5 stars January 2017

Changing 3 utilities, the rune, and 1 trait and I have been running this exact build for 2+ years (even have a build vid on YT and stream it on twitch). I have used something more similar to your build and its better in team fights (due to mortar) than melee. I personally run kitless. Survivability is similar, however I run 2 stun breakers and one version of a projectile block so anything pewpew isn't a weakness anymore, which would be one weakness of this build.

5 stars
Drydude gave this build 5 stars December 2016

Hey that's the exact build I run and have preached over the typical condition flamethrower build to players (I'm the one who made it)! I'd say it's a better build overall, but the meta gives it a tough time out there (power hammer has a much better time out there). Thank you to whoever put it here. Oh and it's far from similar to the flamethrower condi build, kind of like meditrapper and symbolic guard @Bellakim1. You get far more survivability and mobility than the flamethrower build (good cleanses, decent damage reduction through protection injection, nice heals, and insane cleave on downed foes with nice poison). There is one problem with the page, acid bomb doesn't cleanse off a condition (I wish it did :P). Fumigate also cleanses conditions off your allies, and can be therefore used either offensively or defensively, if not both. Nowadays you can run an elixir instead of rocket boots (C if you'll have too much pressure on you, B for a nice source of stability, etc.), and you can even run tools instead of inventions (you will lose out on some survivability overall though). It's overall flexible, and I feel it's still as strong as it was before, and has more of a place now, just be careful for more anti condi comps nowadays with the meta shifting towards more conditions.

0 stars
Bellakim1 gave this build 0 stars December 2016

The reason why I give low rating for this page is because similar page already exist.

This new build is not much different from the already existing build.

These suggestions on this page should be variants for the already existing page.

I don't think two separate pages are needed for two similar builds.

These pages should be merged together as variants.

The new title for these two pages should be something like "Engineer - P/P Burn Condi"

Variant 1 - Flamethrower variant

Variant 2 - Elixir Gun variant

5 stars
KappaMeister gave this build 5 stars December 2016

An interesting build that I've played around with a bit. Combines good condition pressure with more mobility and durability than the Flamethrower Condi build. Very handy with pressuring rezzing as well due to the intense poison from Mortar kit 5, Pistol 2 and Elixir Gun 3. This build has the potential to be great but is outshined by its Power Hammer brethren.