Engineer - Core Grenadier

4 stars
4 stars
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2 stars
Hanz gave this build 2 stars May 2020

Arguably the best core engi can get. High skill cap, high reward. Excellent AoE damage and okay mobility, but sustain's on the lower end of the spectrum and anti-projectile can shut it down hard (even Retaliation is somewhat dangerous). Wouldn't really recommend it over elite specs, but has its moments, is fun to play, and should do the trick for F2P users.

5 stars
DeDoctor gave this build 5 stars March 2020

I do agree with the statement that this build will never be meta, but it's surely slippery as hell if you know how to play it and can do some big damage. Very fun build, wouldn't recommend it for newer players, though!

4 stars
Utrex gave this build 4 stars March 2020

IMO this build can never be meta/the best engi build/excellent in ATs because of a few reasons.

1 - projectile hate mitigates this build substantially. Blocks and aegis spam can mitigate your burst.

2 - condition spam makes it very hard on the engi and will often times shut you down temporarily until you've sustained yourself back to normal

That being said, this is not a 1v1 build, it shouldn't be treated as such. It's a plusser, but can take some 1v1s if absolutely necessary.

The build can be potent, offering burst from range, means of escape, and group utility.

If you know how to play this, this is a decent build that should take you to about platinum... it's no bunker killer since its CCs are far and few, and it doesn't have the best defense but for a core build it is excellent. In fact in the current meta I'd even say it's not too far off from Holo's position at the moment.

Try AED since turret got the nerf.

5 stars
Psy Scape gave this build 5 stars March 2020

I've always enjoyed this and think it's now even better with the change to the Explosives line. With the nerf to damage I now run Zerk amulet with Scholar runes, switch Explosive Temper for Blast Shield, run AED rather than Healing Turret, and use Energy and Cleansing sigils.

4 stars
Ivanyeil Emmixert gave this build 4 stars July 2019

(Updated 17/7/2019)

Nerf to Blunderbuss, but that was the only change, a very minor nerf, the build remains at the same position as a Tier 2 build.

4 stars
Fearmy gave this build 4 stars November 2018

I have been messing around with builds similiar to this for a long time and after experimenting in both unranked as well as ranked I found this to be a very powerful build when it comes to +1ing fights and blowing up a specific target during a fight.

You have to be extremely careful about choosing you engagements since this is not the type of build where you can charge headlong at an enemy and facetank damage and expect to win. Making using of your burst combo's and the stealth from elixir S (and/or a distracted enemy) is key for this build. Similar to a power shatter mirage or power-shiro revenant most times i have won a 1v1 was by bursting my opponent done and cycling the damage combos. If the enemy gets on you, making use of elixir S and stealth combined with permanent swiftness up-time is the key to getting away but a mobile class like revenant, mesmer, thief, or even core guardian can chase you down quite easily.

This build is extremely fun to play and does require you to think about positioning and when to burst someone. But is very weak to a lot of reflects, and punished by missing your combo. I say give it a try if you like playing engineer and want something different than Holosmith or even Scrapper to play.

Edit: With new rune change running this build with Rune of Speed is amazingly fun and relieves some of the issues.