Reaper - Chillormancer Roamer

5 stars
5 stars
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5 Ratings
5 stars
Lehb gave this build 5 stars May 2017

This is a really good roaming build have been checking it out, and it feels very good, the guy who made this build has done a really good job with it, don't understand Splash comment about it not being good enough for Pve when its a WvW build.. It's been very fun playing around with this build.

5 stars
Mynameisxahl gave this build 5 stars August 2016

Been using this build for a while, and I have to say: compared to Carrion, Trailblazer makes this build far better. You are incredibly survivable (tanky), and do lots of condition damage, with the added bonus of ~21% base condition duration (41% or 51% with foods).

In 1v1, 1v2 and some 1v3 situations, this build blows most other builds out of the water. I find boon-heavy classes such as Berserker and Dragonhunter will be your hardest counter with this build; as nice as Corrupt Boon is (as well as Chill of Death & Spiteful Spirit for boon removal), it isn't enough to keep boons off these classes.

The condition spam, paired with transfers makes this build formidable even against other condition users. Surprisingly, I have found this build to work very well vs. other necromancers. Just pace yourself in the first part of the fight, wait for your opponent to blow their load, then transfer their conditions back to them and spike them down with your big cooldown abilities.

The plentiful stability from RS3 and the elite skill, paired with lots of hard and soft CC, makes this build even better for those 1vX situations.

Overall this build is great for 1v1, small scale and even large scale (not recommended of course...)

5 stars
MorroIan gave this build 5 stars July 2016

This build is along the lines of what I play in WvW with a trailblazer set

5 stars
Turmwache gave this build 5 stars March 2016

Played it for two weeks and even got trailblazers due to the success I had with this build. Most 1vs1 are easy even D/D cele with diamond skin can be beaten. What I found hard to counter are 1vs2 fights with strong cc such as double thief or thief/mesmer. This is mostly a problem when they engage on you with stealth. When you can prepare for the burst and cc than it is an even match up.

I tried to change from spite to curses to get a lower CD on corrupt boon and consume conditions but with the trailblazers stats which I strongly recommend for this build you don't have enough crit to benefit enough from the curse traitline.

With Spite you have access to AOE boon removal whith entering shroud and the both corruption spells CDs are low enough.

What I found the most benefit of the spite traitline is the reliable might and vulnerability generation it offers. This amplifies your damage to such heights that most classes cannot withstand it for long.

Thanks to Donee for the great build it makes Necro (reaper) very much fun and succesful.

5 stars
Donee gave this build 5 stars February 2016

Since i am the build maker, i can be completly honest about it.

I am rating as great, because i spend a lot of time in my builds until the point i am completly satisfied with it. If after weeks/months i am still not satisfied i don't even release, as already happened a couple times before.

The build is crazy good for solo roaming, even small scale, since you can completly lockdown a player if your teammate is in trouble or just want focus target. I don't have troubles at all surviving, unless its a zerg, of couse.

Weak spot is mobility, since its a necro/reaper. Reaper's now have a mobility skill that helps a lot, but still isn't enough vs good thiefs. Good thiefs will out range you until your life force is drained and procceed for the kill, so be aware.

For the others professions you should have an easy/good time, once you are experienced with the build.

Comparing this build with signet's build which i already tested for weeks, also, i'd say mine is superior after Corrupt Boon Buff, and Spiteful spirit is a nice addition to the build since you can kite better or even close gaps because of the aoe cripple applied.

As unique aspect you can nuke a player using conditions in matter of 2~3 seconds if played right or even make boon builds useless, which has a lot of them around.