Scrapper - Power Bruiser

5 stars
5 stars
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5 Ratings
5 stars
DeDoctor gave this build 5 stars May 2019

This build isn't bad. I switch Elixir U with Blast Gyro to gain more stacks of might (11 stacks in all). You can do a ton of burst damage to help out your team in a team fight or even win 1v1s. Your survivability is good enough to 1v2 or 1v3 maybe, but its not as good as the original Bunker Scrapper, but this just shows that Scrapper can bring good damage to a fight. This build can give good utility and support as well with Elixir Gun (lots of cleanse) and Bulwark Gyro (damage reduction and a dome that gives stability and shields allies from projectiles.)

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars March 2019

2018 march edit: not quite as popular or broken as the bunker version, but still a decent build after the gyro rework.

4 stars
ShaoAZ gave this build 4 stars January 2019

I played something similar, used Elixir B on the optional slot and swapped tools to firearms bot bot top, tools doesn't have anything that really justify it above firearms. Also Alchemy first top, used Medkit for more cleanses and boons, but obviously that ain't for everyone since most people prefer a simple tap to heal. Finally with Rune Of Leadership and Stealth Gyro since you have 100% critical chance with firearms, entire boon duration and cleanses are better over Sanctuary or Lyssa, Elixir X is not really useful if you're just gonna melt to conditions anyway. This actually tanks Holosmiths pretty well if you stick to Demolisher since they can't CC you, making their lack of any sustain very obvious with Eletro-Whirl hitting up in the 8k's, you'll see them run away pretty quickly while they try to achieve anything to stop you from dealing damage.

4 stars
Roger gave this build 4 stars January 2019

This is a solid build that deals a deceptive amount of damage. It might not be as OP as Holo... but don’t sleep on it.

5 stars
Araceli gave this build 5 stars November 2018

I've been playing something almost identical for a while now and heavily since this season started. Usually a gyro instead of Exilir Gun though, Bulwark generally or Purge gyro if our team needs more condi cleanse. With recent balance patches this actually makes Scrapper feel very competitive outside of support builds.


Surprising amount of burst that still a lot of people don't expect from a Scrapper.

Very good reflect that also surprises some burst classes with Electro Whirl + long Retal uptime.

Group utility over Holosmith Elixir, run 1 or 2 gyros for group strong damage reduction or condi cleanse.

Thunderclap is good ranged AoE CC.

Function Gyro stomp doesn't care about those pesky teleporting downed state skills.

Adaptive Armor and Sanctuary rune interaction means you almost permanently take 20% less condi damage.


Elixir X RNG can really suck.

Poor mobility.

No ranged unless you run Elixir Gun and then it's pretty average. But since I don't usually.

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