Spellbreaker - Dagger Sun and Moon

5 stars
5 stars
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5 stars
ASPAIALUX gave this build 5 stars August 2019

I love the style of a duelist dagger spellbreaker more than GS.

I've been using this build since I finished the specialization. Although has not ranged options It's great sustain and nice CC options makes it a very effective build against bosses and trash mobs too with full counter and axe5/dagger5. You can even take it to fractals if you know what you're doing (but I don't encourage it). Very fun build.

5 stars
Mufazha gave this build 5 stars April 2019

Best build

5 stars
R123alo gave this build 5 stars December 2018

during my time focused on the warrior, no build caused my warrior to sustain a constant and strong damage, and also to have cc, but he is. away my favorite build

5 stars
Pleasebean gave this build 5 stars October 2018

This is one of my favorite build so far, i prefer this over GS because the ability of mass tagging and the unparalleled amount of HP regen. With marauder gear this is like a walking fortress.

Although the weakness is we have no ranged option at all but that's the problem with power war for a long time.

4 stars
Jacev112 gave this build 4 stars September 2018

An awesome build for open world roaming, I always play with Might Makes Right (and usually take Healing Signet and "Shake It Off!" which doubles as a stun break), it gives insane self-sustain along with the very spammable high-damage Full Counter, but you are pretty much useless if you are forced to take a ranged weapon.

5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars September 2018

A very strong "duelist" build for Warrior with high damage and personal sustain. Its weakness, like all Warrior builds, is its inability to fight effectively from range.

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