Tempest - Midline Auramancer

5 stars
5 stars
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9 Ratings
5 stars
MorroIan gave this build 5 stars October 2019

Excellent healer/support variant with scrapper losing anti toxin runes

4 stars
Threather gave this build 4 stars May 2019

This build setup competes with scrapper that does the same things better, superspeed, cleanses and heals.

The saving grace for this build is that it applies frost and fire auras often making it apply immense condi pressure on enemy casters that don't stay near their commander forcing them to stack shutting down any solo plays from enemy.

Only 1 tempests is necessary for this effect however. Any more has diminishing returns.

The build is worth 4 stars, there also exists Fire traits aura cleanse + powerful aura variant if going for antitoxin runes which should be mentioned in the build.

4 stars
Freya gave this build 4 stars March 2019

Outclassed by firebrand, which is a story for every support build besides firebrand itself and chrono.

With 10 man buffs on pretty much every patch in last half a year, i believe i can give it 1 star more. Still isn't on par with FB though.

4 stars
Xivor gave this build 4 stars September 2018

This is still the go-to build for organized healing. Good semi-passive healing and protection uptime from auras. Good might stacks if running WH. Great defensive protection with Frost Aura. No damage, but highly survivable, fully capable of keeping a frontline alive on pushes.

UPDATE 20180617

FB outclasses this in healing effectiveness. Plain and simple. Even Healing Scrapper and Ventari Healer can outclass in the raw healing department. The support from the auras are nice, but not enough to convince anyone to take this build over better healing options.

5 stars
Dekong gave this build 5 stars June 2018

Used to be great in HoT, the heals are still good, the aura share is even better, but does not justify losing a spot for a healing tempest when Firebrand / chronomancer is available

5 stars
Garfried gave this build 5 stars June 2018

Not as strong as it was in HoT. Firebrand and other healing specs now perform better than auramancer.

5 stars
Alistair DragonHeart gave this build 5 stars February 2017

I personally prefer scepter warhorn as it feels like it gives more impressive heals and when i play tempest healer I don't care about my personal damage output. Otherwise I use pretty much this exact build

5 stars
Packit gave this build 5 stars August 2016

This is a solid build and adds a lot of sustain with the current boon meta. With sharpening stones you'll still be over 2k power making it an effective heal bot while still being able to put out damage. Staff for zergs is much better via AOE's and water fields.

5 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 5 stars June 2016

This build fulfills key roles in the modern zerg and gives important sustain to allies. Correct usage gives damage, healing, CC and powerful auras.