Ad Free Experience

No one like ads, we know that but this website cannot exist without ads. You can easily remove all ads by installing an ad blocker but there would be no income to keep this website up and running if everyone did that. If you hate ads but want to support the development of our website and the service that we provide then consider purchasing the "Ad Free Experience" which removes all ads across our entire website.

Benefits of the "Ad Free Experience"

  • Complete removal of all ads across the entire website for 12 months.
  • No more malicious and sound playing ads that slip through our ad providers filtering system.
  • Faster website navigation since no ads are rendered.
  • Clean website layout without irritating ads.


The "Ad Free Experience" costs $4.99/year.
Ads are instantly removed once the payment is completed.


Note: Please make sure that you enter your Metabattle username correctly, you are not required to be logged in to purchase and can purchase for other users as well. Login to your Metabattle account after the payment is completed to enjoy the "Ad Free Experience".

Remove ads

Remove all ads across the entire website for only $4.99! Click here for more info.