Team - 2015/Q2 Conquest Meta

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The 2015 Q2 Conquest meta composition based on ESL cups and the Tournament of Legends.

Party Composition

Profession Amulet Build
Warrior Icon Color.png Warrior Celestial Shoutbow
Engineer Icon Color.png Engineer Celestial Celestial Rifle
Thief Icon Color.png Thief Berserker Dagger/Pistol
Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian Berserker Meditation Hammer
Optional.png Optional Berserker/Celestial See below

State of the Meta Comp

Meta team comps have revolved around a Shoutbow warrior for superior party condi cleanses and Thief (D/P or S/D) for superior roaming capabilities. 3 celestial (mobile point holders all capable of excellent AoE damage) and 2 berserker (single-target roaming) has been a staple set up for many months. In recent times the third celestial has been substituted for a third berserker depending on team preference.

Celestial builds include:

  • Shoutbow Warrior
  • Cele Rifle Engi
  • D/D Ele (Falling out due to incoming nerfs)

Berserker builds include:

  • D/P Thief (chosen now for the group stealth bursts over S/D)
  • DPS Medi Guard (chosen as a hard counter to thieves on the opposite team)
  • Shatter Mesmer

Optional Slot

Teams have 2 options: Celestial or Berserker. Choosing one over the other dictates whether your team is 3/5 Celestial or 3/5 Berserker respectively.

3/5 Celestial

  • Teams are free to stack Engineers and Warriors, taking a 2nd one for this slot.
  • Elementalist Icon Color.png D/D Elementalists are slowly becoming less dominant in the current meta, but they are still great options for the final Celestial Slot. Celestial Staff Ele is also a good choice.

3/5 Berserker

  • Triple zerker comps are gaining more and more ground.
  • Mesmer Icon Color.png Shatter Mesmer - the great burst and offensive party utilities make Mesmer a valuable asset to the team. It also brings superior map control and party mobility with
    Portal Entre Portal Entre
    Portal Entre
    Glamour. Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal.
    Book.pngRange Threshold: 5,000
    Duration.pngDuration: 60 seconds
    and can rip boons off of targets with shatters. The Thief-Mesmer pain train is a rather infamous combination capable of taking out targets from Stealth by a quick burst chain. Sword/Torch is the dominant secondary set in the current meta, but it's not unheard of that a Mesmer brings a Staff instead (especially on Forest of Niflhel because of the many valuable Phase Retreat spots). Cons: hard-countered by Thieves, relies on allies for condition cleansing.
  • Guardian Icon Color.png Hammer Guardian can be stacked on the team, bringing a 2nd one is a viable option.

Some less common/situation choices include:

  • Ranger Icon Color.png Power Ranger - Ranger is a rare sight in the meta, but this build makes some appearances now and then mostly on Legacy of the Foefire thanks to the map's lack of LoS breaking objects, providing a perfect environment for longbow.
  • Power Necro
  • Fresh Air Ele


  • Because of the spammable AoE condition cleansing provided by Shoutbow Warriors, Condition specs have no chance of becoming part of the meta.