Team - Heavy Melee

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This team composition revolves around an almost 3:2 melee to caster and gank ratio.

Guardians should be supplying 25 Might Might stacks for the party. Warriors provides condi cleanse and sustain heal.

Elementalists provides backline DPS as well as support water fields for the front line engagements. Necromancers are ranged burst DPS. Mesmers are superior for ranged pick teams as well as providing invisibility to the team. A single Thief provides AoE stealth on shorter CD and has strong synergy with the mesmer gank team.

Party Composition

Qty Profession Build
6 Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian AH Frontliner
3 Warrior Icon Color.png Warrior Shouts Frontliner
2 Necromancer Icon Color.png Necromancer Wells Backline
2 Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist Staff Backline
1 Mesmer Icon Color.png Mesmer Burst Shatter
1 Thief Icon Color.png Thief D/P Roamer
15 total

General Usage

Guardians can start fights by Empowering. Mesmers can veil the team. Thief should drop black powder and blast with shortbow for gank team often.


  • YouTube:
    [HOPE] vs [PYRO] GW2 GvG