Team - Traditional S/F LH


This party composition is standard for speed clearing dungeons. It centers around three main roles:

  1. A DPS Warrior bringing banners for increasing party damage,
  2. A Scepter/Focus Hammer Conjure Elementalist for max might stacks, and
  3. A Staff Elementalist for more Conjure weapons

The minimum of two Ele's in the composition allows for fast kill times using Ice Bow and fast travel times using FGS 3 and 4. The last two roles are more commonly given to utility classes like Thief and Guardian, which provide the best DPS their class can offer while providing powerful trash mob denial, stealth safety, projectile reflection, and condition clearing. This team might not be the absolute optimal for every dungeon path, but there is no dungeon where this composition is outright bad. It has the baseline offense, defense, and utility covered.

If a party does not require the entire functionality of a Guardian/Mesmer, it can be replaced, in part, by a Ranger, which will further increase the party's DPS with Spotter and Frost Spirit.

A third variant swaps the Thief for another Elementalist when no party stealth is required, providing extremely fast kill times given all the vulnerability and conjures the three Elementalists will offer.

Profession Build
Warrior Icon Color.png Warrior GS Axe/Mace
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist S/F_LH
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist Staff Conjure
Thief Icon Color.png Thief D/D or S/P + Shortbow
Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian GS + Sword/Focus
Max DPS (No Guard/Mesmer)
Profession Build
Warrior Icon Color.png Warrior GS Axe/Mace
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist S/F_LH
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist Staff Conjure
Thief Icon Color.png Thief D/D or S/P + Shortbow
Ranger Icon Color.png Ranger S/A LB Spotter
Triple Ele (No Stealth)
Profession Build
Warrior Icon Color.png Warrior GS Axe/Mace
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist S/F_LH
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist Staff Conjure
Elementalist Icon Color.png Elementalist Staff Conjure
Guardian Icon Color.png Guardian GS + Sword/Focus



  • Warrior running Empower Allies can replace the traditional GS Axe/Mace Warrior to yield higher DPS in short fights via Empower Allies + Ice Bow/Meteor Shower + Glyph of Storms (i.e. if you're killing the target with that AoE barrage or doing a huge percent of their health, then its a big dps boost to have an EA warrior). If it comes to this, it may be better to switch to a Team - Phalanx Strength party composition.
  • Mesmer running Empowering Mantras DPS can replace Guardian in similar functionality.
  • Engineer running Power Grenadier can replace Thief in dungeons where a bit of stealth is needed, but not full Shadow Refuge.
  • Ranger running S/A LB Spotter can replace Warrior at a loss of 10-15% total DPS output. (Decent substitution if you are constrained by what classes your friends can play).
  • Necromancer running Dagger/X can replace Thief (if no stealth is required) or Staff Elementalist (otherwise) for a significant DPS loss. (For situations where a party member really wants to, or has to, play a Necromancer).

Triple Ele

  • Ranger running S/A LB Spotter can replace Guardian if you don't require their full defensive utility.

Build modifications


  • S/F LH Elementalist swaps Lightning Hammer for Frost Bow and Arcane Wave for Glyph of Storms.
  • Staff Elementalist swaps Arcane Wave for Signet of Fire.

General Usage


  • Warrior should place his banners in range away from the team to avoid members picking up a banner instead of an Ice Bow by mistake.
  • Since Elementalists are responsible for stacking might and fury, the Thief and Guardian should be careful with their smoke and light fields placement.
  • Elementalists should rotate using Glyph of Storms in Air Attunement for max vulnerability.
  • When Ice Bows are dropped, other party members should use the number 4 skill,
    Ice Storm Ice Storm
    Ice Storm
    Call down an ice strom on the target area.
    Damage.pngDamage: 178
    Bleed.pngBleeding (6s): 132 Damage
    Book.pngNumber of Impacts: 24
    Book.pngNumber of Targets: 3
    Radius.pngRadius: 240
    Range.pngRange: 900
    , for damage. (Note: The smaller the AoE ring is, the more damage is concentrated in that area; this is important when a boss is bunched up in a corner). Party members should drop the bow and return to their normal weapon set.

Trash runs:

  • Staff Elementalist drops static field for swiftness on trash runs. Thief and S/F Elementalist should assist in blasting the field.
  • Thief brings Shadow Refuge and smoke fields for stealth on trash runs. Other party members are also responsible for blasting smoke fields.


  • Scepter Hammer Ele and Phalanx Strength Warrior undermine each other's roles: the two should never mix in team comps.


  • Refer to this when asking if it's okay to have multiples of the same class in your party comp:
    • Double Ele is good because they provides Fury for the entire party. A single ele (especially if it's a staff ele) will have difficulty keeping perma-Fury up for the group. If you have 0 Elementalists on your team, fury starts to become a problem for the party and should be addressed most likely by the Warrior or Thief in the party. Even three Elementalists can be good, but only if you don't require the utility of a Thief or Guard/Mesmer, which is often not the case.
    • Double Warrior is okay because each can bring one of the two banners required and can use the free utility slot to increase their personal DPS with signet of might/fury.
    • Double Thief is quite good in situations requiring insanely fast single target burst, but at the expense of overall AoE damage. This may be beneficial in paths like Arah Path 2 where the main encounters are all single target fights.
    • Double Engi is bad because they will both hit the condi-cap for bleeds, vuln, burning, etc. which reduces their effectiveness and the party's DPS.
    • Double Ranger is subpar, because even though a second ranger can run without Vigorous Spirits and the group will receive both Frost Spirit buffs, Spotter will not stack and rangers can't contribute much else to overall group DPS compared to a Warrior, Engineer, or Elementalist, or as much utility as a Guardian, Mesmer, or Thief.
    • Double Guard provides no unique utility and both will suffer a similar problem of not being able to spec for enough DPS to counteract that of a Thief, Elementalist, or Warrior.
    • Even a single Necromancer is bad for parties, but can be substituted as explained in the variations section. Doubling them up would be a very bad idea for a speed clear, however a party of 5 naked necromancers could eventually finish every dungeon path with enough time, patience, and skill.
  • Advanced parties will know when Guardians and Mesmers are not needed for a particular dungeon path. If you find that you don't require either, it is preferable to slot a Ranger running S/A LB Spotter. (The same substitution goes for Thief, though it is rarely the case that blind fields are not utilized against trash mobs). This substitution is recommended for advanced parties.

See Also

  • Team - Phalanx Strength swaps the might stacking and utility of the S/F Elementalist for a Phalanx Strength Warrior and a DPS role. This allows a team to drop combo fields and reflects without worrying about stacking might properly thanks to the Phalanx warrior. Has comparable DPS to this team composition.
  • DnT Forums: Meta and Near Meta Comps For Dungeon Speed Clears
  • David ReeƟ's Group DPS Calc is a sustained estimate and sometimes uses outdated build data. The shorter the fight, the better Conjure Ice Bow damage is which can only be provided by an Elementalist. It is worth taking into account when comparing numbers.