Video Guide


Parameter Label Required? Examples
1 URL ID Yes ShrillCalmGourami, SadHappyPanda, AdjectiveAdjectiveAnimal
2 Size Yes 0, 1, 2
3 Title No "Kiting locations", "Portal Trick", "Stacking Might"
4 Width No 570
5 Height No 320

Quick Tutorial

  1. Open your template with "{{Gfycat|" and use "|" (pipeline characters) to separate parameters
  2. Go to
  3. Click "UPLOAD" in the top-right corner
  4. Upload from your computer or from a url using the tabs and on-screen instructions
  5. Use the ID after "" as your first parameter
  6. Use the "Gfy Size" as your second parameter in MB. (This shows up at the bottom on the second line when you hover over the video) N.B. This is required! It is the most likely reason your video won't play. Note if the video is in KB, then input "0" for this parameter. (Example image for reference)
  7. Type any title for the third parameter
  8. Close your template with "}}"


{{Gfycat|ShrillCalmGourami|5|Kiting near Waterfall on Legacy of the Foefire}}
  1. Paste this in your user page to test it out!
  2. Note that when you click the link a gfy video is printed and the original link becomes an external link.
  3. Click the same link again after the video is displayed to see the original
  4. Note the URL and Parameter 1
  5. Note the "Gfy Size" at the bottom and Parameter 2
  6. Note the title pasted in your user page is the same used after saving as Parameter 3