PvP build card


Displays a PvP build card for the given page.

{{PvP build card|<unnamed param 1>}}


unnamed param 1
Required. Page name to pull data from. Must not contain namespace (i.e. "Build").

Semantic Requirements

In order to properly display a PvP build card, the target build page must:

  • Have a {{MBuild}} call. (generates utility set info)
  • Have a {{Specialization}} call, with the noprop parameter not set. (generates specializations info)
  • Have a {{PvP equipment}} call. (generates weapons, sigils, runes and amulet info)

Note that if you don't adjust these parameters in a build page it will display errors in the PvP build card.


{{PvP build card|Valento Test - Tempest Condi}}
File:Dark-icon-.png[[Build:Valento Test - Tempest Condi|]]