Skill fact


Used to store data about skill facts for skills and traits. Designed to be consumed by {{Skill fact format}}.

{{Skill fact|<unnamed param 1>|<unnamed param 2>|<unnamed param 3>|<unnamed param 4>
| alt = 
| index = 
| icon = 
| stacks = 
| strikes = 
| linked = 


unnamed param 1
Fact/effect name. Accepted values are as follows:
Boons: aegis, fury, might, protection, quickness, regeneration, resistance, retaliation, stability, swiftness, vigor.
Conditions: bleeding, blind, burning, chilled, confusion, crippled, fear, immobilize, poison, slow, taunt, torment, vulnerability, weakness.
Control effects: daze, float, knockback, knockdown, launch, pull, sink.
Damage/Healing: damage, healing.
Increase/Decrease modifiers: attack speed increase, damage increase, damage reduced, duration increase, duration decreased, recharge reduced, chance on critical hit, critical chance increase, movement speed increase.
General properties: adrenaline, bounce, breakstun, capture, combat (combat only), evade, interval, invulnerability, life force, percent, pierces, pulses, radius, range, reflect, targets, health threshold, unblockable.
Combo: combo. PS.: accepted description (param 2) may be: dark, ethereal, fire, ice, light, lightning, poison, smoke, water, blast, leap, projectile, projectile2 (20% Chance), whirl.
Special facts:
gain - param2 is stat to be converted, param3 is final stat, and param4 is value.
condition - used for "removes <condition>" facts, param2 is the condition icon to be used, and param3 is the text to be displayed.
effect - accepts fire shield, frost aura, shocking aura, magnetic aura, superspeed, blur/distortion, alacrity, and stealth for param3 which automatically sets icon and text, and duration/value for param4.
misc - miscellaneous fact/effect, accepts whatever you put in param2 as its value and expects an icon (defaults to Book.png).
self - same as 'misc' but will default icon to match the page name (occurs when the effect bears the same icon as their parent skill, trait, etc).
unnamed param 2
Fact/effect description. For duration effects simply use the value without "s" or "seconds". For fractional values don't use html entities, instead use the appropriate numerical value (eg. use 0.75 instead of &fract34;). For crippled, chilled, immobilize, slow, vulnerability and slow, the duration isn't shown if not set.
unnamed params 3-4
Additional values used for some effects. PS.: these are internally consolidated into the description property.
Optional. Text to display instead of preset ones (which defaults to param 2 in most cases).
Optional for a single fact (defaults to 0), but required for multiple facts. Used for sorting facts for a specific skill or trait.
Optional. Icon file. Defaults to <pagename>.png if it exists.
Optional. For boons/effects which stack in intensity.
Optional. For the Damage effect, how many times a certain skill strikes.
Optional. Displays an icon for a skill tied to this fact.


{{Skill fact|misc|Hits per Shell: 4|icon=Frozen Ground.png}}
{{Skill fact|damage|alt=Blast Damage|590|strikes=8}}