Your critical hits have a 33% chance to cause 4s of bleeding.
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Chemical Rounds
Trait I.pngChemical Rounds
Your pistol skills have 50% increased condition duration
Heavy Armor Exploit
Trait II.pngHeavy Armor Exploit
Your critical hits have a 50% chance to grant you 3s of swiftness and cause 3s of vulnerability
High Caliber
Trait III.pngHigh Caliber
You have a 10% increased chance to critically strike nearby foes
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Hematic Focus
Engineer-minor-trait.pngHematic Focus
You have a 10% increased chance to critically strike foes affected by bleeding
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Pinpoint Distribution
Trait IV.pngPinpoint Distribution
You gain 10% of your precision attribute as condition damage
Skilled Marksman
Trait V.pngSkilled Marksman
You attack 10% faster with rifle or harpoon gun and those skills recharge 20% faster
No Scope
Trait VI.pngNo Scope
Your critical hits on nearby foes have a 100% chance to grant you 4s of fury. This trait has a 10 second internal cooldown
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Serrated Steel
Engineer-minor-trait.pngSerrated Steel
Bleeding you apply lasts 33% longer
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Trait VII.pngJuggernaut
Gain a stack of might for 15s and a stack of stability for 3s every 3 seconds while using the Flamethrower
Modified Ammunition
Trait VIII.pngModified Ammunition
Deal 2% additional damage per condition on your foe
Incendiary Powder
Trait IX.pngIncendiary Powder
Your critical hits inflict 4s of burning. Burning you apply lasts 33% longer. This trait has a 10 second internal cooldown