Weapon skill pull


Pulls displayable profession skills associated with a weapon in a comma-separated list. Designed to be consumed by {{Skillbar weapon}}.

{{Weapon skill pull|<unnamed param 1>|<unnamed param 2>|<unnamed param 3>
| attunement


unnamed param 1
unnamed param 2
unnamed param 3
Optional. Mainhand/offhand identifier used to decide how many skills to pull (3 or 2) for the chosen weapon. Accepts either mainhand or offhand. Defaults to none (pulls all skills associated with a weapon).
Note: Please note that if a certain weapon can be dual-wielded, such as daggers for elementalists, and this parameter is omitted, it will display all 5 skills (both main-hand and offhand) associated with the weapon.
Optional. The elementalist attunement. Accepts fire, water, air, and earth. Defaults to fire if profession equals elementalist.


{{Weapon skill pull|elementalist|dagger|mainhand|attunement=earth}}

Impale (elementalist), Ring of Earth, Magnetic Grasp

{{Weapon skill pull|elementalist|dagger|offhand|attunement=water}}

Frost Aura, Cleansing Wave

{{Weapon skill pull|elementalist|dagger}}

Dragon's Claw, Drake's Breath, Burning Speed, Ring of Fire, Fire Grab

{{Weapon skill pull|mesmer|staff}}

Winds of Chaos, Phase Retreat, Phantasmal Warlock, Chaos Armor, Chaos Storm