Fortifying Bond

Fortifying Bond Fortifying Bond
Fortifying Bond.pngFortifying Bond
Any boon you get is shared with your pet.
Quickness.pngQuickness (2s): Skills and actions are 50% faster.
Protection.pngProtection (2s): -33% Incoming Damage
Resistance.pngResistance (2s): Conditions currently on you are ineffective; stacks duration.
Fury.pngFury (3s): 20% Critical Chance
Stability.pngStability (3s): Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, pulled, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, feared or taunted.
Swiftness.pngSwiftness (3s): 33% Movement Speed
Vigor.pngVigor (3s): +50% Endurance Regeneration
Aegis.pngAegis (5s): Block the next incoming attack.
Regeneration.pngRegeneration (5s): 650 Heal
Retaliation.pngRetaliation (5s): Reflect incoming damage back to its source.
Might.pngMight (10s): +30 Power, +30 Condition Damage
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