GW2 Gear Optimizer Code[edit]

Coded in MATLAB. May be run (slowly) in GNU Octave.

GW2 Rotation Calculator Spreadsheet[edit]

Most recent GW2 Rotation Spreadsheet: 08 Aug 2017 (requires Excel 2010 or newer)

Skill data for use by others.

Introductory video

If you have additional questions, find a bug, or have suggestions, reach me in game at Melliah or Dekeyztochaos.7381, on Discord (Dekeyz#1272), or say something in the Metabattle Discord PvE channel.

8 Aug 2017

  • Updated for 8 August 2017 balance patch
  • Still tracking down a vuln calculation bug. Does not impact group scenario DPS calculations.

2 Aug 2017

  • Updated for incoming likely food and utility consumable changes

28 July 2017

  • Updated for June 2017 mini-balance patch
  • Continued measurement of skills with and without quickness x.x
  • Bug fixes

15 May 2017

  • Fun fact: Not all skills are equal in the eyes of quickness. In the process of remeasuring all cast times with and without quickness. It's not fun :(
  • Added Seraph's gear and Magnanimous stuff
  • Updated to most recent balance patch
  • Still tracking down a condi thief bug... Thanks Khar :)

22 Feb 2017

  • Updated for February 22, 2017 balance patch
  • Healing modifiers changed to all additive, healing calculations improved overall
  • Divided rotations into two pages: ones with quickness and alacrity, and ones with quickness only
  • Minor fixes

3 Jan 2017

  • Adjusted some coefficients based on research by the guys minding the GW2 wiki
  • Minor text fixes

31 October 2016

  • Updated for October 18, 2016 balance patch
  • Implemented attribute conversion for fractal potions
  • Changed Solo mode to a more flexible Preset selection - currently there are options for F-Style (power and condi) and Mirror (power and condi) raid comps, All Buffs, and No Buffs (old solo mode).
  • Implemented a condition duration signet option
  • General bugfixes and cast time adjustments

2 August 2016

  • Fixed healing modifier calculations somewhat - in-game it appears healing is rounded after every modifier is applied, which is too annoying to replicate in a spreadsheet
  • Adjusted Transference sigil

26 July 2016

  • Updated for July 26, 2016 balance patch
  • Adjusted Air, Fire, Geomancy, and Hydromancy sigils
  • Adjusted order of operations of attribute addition and conversion
  • Fixed Lead Attacks and other bugs

4 May 2016

  • Adjusted might calculations - they should still cap at 25 for DPS purposes (I hope!)
  • Fixed an interaction between Deathly Chill and Sigil of Earth
  • Fixed a few bugreports I received through reddit
  • Added Rune of Orr
  • Fixed Rune of Thorns Functionality (again)

26 Apr 2016

  • Updated for 19 Apr 2016 balance patch
  • Foods such as Seaweed Salad and Experimental Remnants now calculate modifier based on skill rootedness (probably missed some skills though)
  • Reworking how CC is calculated based on current research
  • Added exotic Burl accessories with Platinum Doubloons for boon duration builds
  • Fixed Rune of Thorns Functionality

28 Feb 2016

  • Changed ferocity scaling on Mug, Sigil of Air, and Sigil of Fire
  • Changed some healing calculations
  • Changed some endurance calculations
  • Fixed an issue with Sigil of Bloodlust; renamed sigil
  • Added Sigil of Transference, Sigil of Water, and Rune of Thorns
  • Improved support of Bountiful Disillusionment and some other traits
  • Added ascended Assassin's rings