Jio Derako

Hello there, folks!

My name is Jio Derako, and I'm a SoR-based PvX player and theorycrafter. I generally place my focus on WvW content, particularly roaming and small group skirmishing, but I'm not too bad at PvP and general PvE content such as dungeons and fractals. You can find me in-game as Jio Derako.7638, usually on Rinne Zem (Engineer) or Zenami Tsuiraku (Thief) for most content, though I've got every class pretty well-off in gear and such. Off-meta builds are often my favorites, as there's nothing I love more than making something quirky work for my playstyle, though of course I've logged plenty of hours on the flavor-of-the-month builds as well. I'm not ashamed to admit a good portion of my PvP time was spent playing Turret Engineer. If it works, it works!

I'm a long-time wiki editor, though my glory days were mostly during the original Guild Wars, where I was an occasional editor of PvXwiki and an administrator of the original GuildWiki as well. For a bit more chest-puffing, I'm also a former Editorial Board member of Bulbapedia, currently the largest Pokémon wiki on the web.

Thanks for stopping by! --Jio Derako (talk)

Current Status:[edit]

  • Heart of Thorns!
  • Build speculation (primarily WvW) and specialization leveling
    • midline/frontline Dragonhunter
    • group utility Chronomancer
    • frontline Scrapper
    • something Revenant? (support/frontline?)

The current lack of diversity in the WvW section is something I'd like to put some effort towards; as a game mode that has only a few dissimilarities to SPvP, the amount of builds that can be considered viable there should be at least close to what is available in the SPvP section, in theory.