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Focused on: Hybrid Damage.

Designed for:


A deadeye hybrid burst build for sPvP, designed to quickly overwhelm targets with a wide variety of conditions and damage types. If played correctly and the correct matchups occur you can take on multiple enemies at once. ~This page is still being edited

Skill Bar[edit]

Short bow

Slot Changes[edit]


Viable choices for the optional slot:

  • - A decent stunbreak at the cost of all malice for good initiative or target switching. Use this over
  • Another Cantrip option with some CC. Lets you gain stealth, knocks back close range targets and launches them if marked. All of this while generating a different stolen skill. Take this as well over

Template Code[edit]




Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Rampager stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
Carrion stat icon.png
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Carrion stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Thief
Vital WvW Infusion
Malign WvW Infusion
Precise WvW Infusion



  • Mark targets to begin generating malice, at 5 stacks a high burst is ready which also gives you stealth.
  • Use to generate said malice at a more affordable rate and healthy cost of initiative. The more around your target, the faster the malice comes.
  • At 5 Malice, use F2 stolen skills to go stealth and being your bursts


  • This is going to allow you to generate malice which is required for high burst damage. Generally you want to attack a few times to remove aegis prior to using which would give you initiative back anway after casting it.
  • grants you Stealth Stealth via which could be useful for a couple of things. One, this means you have an instant access to Can't find such skill "Malicios Sneak Attack"! Please refer to our skill index. AND it grants you venom from . You could just use the stealth defensively to disappear for a few seconds and reposition yourself. Going stealth will blind targets around you thanks to which also steals health per blind.
  • Your stolen skills are very important to hold onto until you reach minimum 5 malice in order to go stealth for an extra Just remember the higher malice before MSA, the more conditions and damage you will deal to the target.
    • Note: Mark can be blocked and evaded albeit unlikely if you pay attention to your opponents' dodges and blocks. It is NOT a projectile but rather an on-location effect. Line of sight will effect this so be careful about terrain and their elevations. It can cast through opponents to hit your current target however.


  • Most of the damage in this build comes from the chain and the occasional Can't find such skill "Shadow Stike"! Please refer to our skill index. thanks to the new Torment changes.
    • Once you have access to it's possible to spam this skill 4 times in a row without having to refresh with Shadow Strike due to upon Marking.
  • is more of a niche skill. It could be useful for rooting targets in place, making it easier to land Shadow Strike, but you should try to do it without Bola Shot to save initiative whenever possible. Another thing you could do is root targets in place to make sure your burst doesn't miss, or that they don't catch up to you while spamming Repeater.
  • is okay for some ranged poking vs multiple targets if you can't get in range for Shadow Strike and don't want to switch to bow just yet. Is the bread and butter to fight multiple targets and generate malice at the same time. When, for example, against 2 targets and close proximity of each other the dagger can hit multiple times and generate faster and more malice to get to your burst chance.
  • provides relatively easy stealth access which could be followed up with . However doing is generally better as it's more damage and SS has a way shorter cast time than CnD, making it easier to pull off (especially under pressure). This is more of a niche defensive/utility skill, allowing you to catch a break while under attack or safestomp downed enemies.

Short bow

Utility weapon, secondary set

  • is a great filler skill since the recent patches that allow targets to bleed from this skill if they are poisoned so its great for bleed spreading at a high rate of fire when many are clustered around each other if you happen to be stuck in bow slot at the moment.
  • being a spammable blast finisher has high value for your team when it comes to blasting fields for AoE Stealth Stealth.
    • Its chain skill is a solid source of downed cleave.
  • provides access to some evasion in case you're being focused by the enemy team and your defensive skills are on CD. Remains usable even while Immobilize Immobilized, but it's somewhat expensive.
  • Use on downed enemies especially if they are being revived - Poison decreases healing received by 33% which affects resurrecting speed and the initial strike interrupts foes.
  • is the #1 skill for moving around the map in general, cuts down on travel time between capture points drastically. Be careful for initiative use as the cost has increased in recent patches

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