Build:Guardian - Fire and Retaliation[edit]

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Focused on: Dps.

Designed for:



This build is for full dps Guardians, and while having the DS spec, does give you range to your attacks, this build was meant for full close dps in short time, and it relies on your skill to dodge and use your kits to avoid death, sinse Guardians have low hp.




  • if you want to deal with knock backs, change Retreat, for this one.


This build is designed to deal huge amounts of damage with the Guardians, so you could solo a boss in Pve, but it also works in Pvp as well, now to explain how it works:

  1. Pve:
  • You can start the combo with either of the two weapons, I prefer to start with the Swrd/Torch as it gives you the element of surprise with its blind effect also helps a lot, this skill creates a symbol which proccs so you get the bonus damage, now pay in mind that if you want a huge amount of damage to single enemies, you should start with your greatsword´s skills, use the symbol ability and swap to sword/torch for another symbol to get even more damage, starting with your swrd/torch abilities helps the AoE damage you will get from your .
  • If you started with the swrd/torch, the next step is to use and after around 0.4 secs or so , so your Zealot's Fire can be used after Zealot's Defense finished its animation, pay in mind that will procc way too often, you can always stack them and throw them after a combo, but dont waste animation time on it if possible, if you need more damage for unknown reasons to me, use before using Zealot's Defense.
  • its more of a retreat kind of ability, not that powerful on its own, and kinda underwhelming compared to the rest of the kit, use only if you are fighting some stationary bosses, or 3 mobs at the same time, and only after a dodge/retreat.
  • As for the Greatsword combo, you can figure that out by yourself, but remember to always start with to get the bonus damage from , the has a really powerful sinergy with , so you might want to use that is you are swarmed by mobs, convined with if you went with that variant, or use to avoid knock backs or your Virtue of Courage sinse gives it stability.
  • Is the core survivability skill, dont waste it, if fighting a single enemy use it with the combo, if mobs, what I wrote before, you can also use if dealing with a stationary boss.
  • is kind of situational, helps your teammates overall survivability and yours, it also gives you MSpeed, to either trasverse the maps, or change positioning, you can always swap with for you to maximize your overall damage, but I find it quite cirtustancial and best used with the Dragon Slayer, but if you can time your combos with the Aegis, then go for it, a 20% dmg increase is always good.
  • is the most overwhelming ability the Guardian class has to offer, it literally turns you into a killing machine, as long as you dont eat debuffs from your teammates and in the worst case scenario you can use your Virtue of Resolve to get rid of some of those debuffs, even so, this ability is still overpowered as it gives hp regen, fury, might, retalation( which proccs ), swiftness, vigor and resistance, and on top of all that, it breaks stuns, I swear that this thing only needed lifesteal to become the strongest ability in the game. Another thing to pay in mind is that this ability proccs , which gives more damage+. This ability is so overpower, that any Guardian should use this ability, at least for pvp one on one, or pve by yourself.
  • this skill helps complete your whole build, burns enemies( more damage from , and ), reduce incoming damage and condition damage 10%, not game breaking but it helps with your poor health, and it also gives you retalation which proccs .
  • this combined with and makes you a force to be reckoned with, using this combo means business, you will use it for huge amounts of damage in a short time and high survivability, but you need to pay attention against stuns, you can always change for to get those juicy 2 secs of stability or use the to break your stuns( thanks to ) and get 4 secs of stability( dear goodness).

I will add Pvp eventually.