I am Walrus.6390 (Discord: Walrus#7138) and I am a tryhard elitist raider who hates open world. I am on a mission to fix things I see wrong with raid builds and provide explanations for rotations in a way that is easy to learn rather than having a massive list of skills to press in order. I mostly play Guardian and Warrior, and I used to play Scourge and an insane amount of staff ele/tempest/weaver. Even though I don't play most classes, I absorb a lot of knowledge from my guildmates having in-depth discussions.
Read my account of the history of the raid meta here.

My experience with speedrunning[edit]

Meth and Faxes [MnF][edit]

I started off by joining a raid selling guild (MnF) in 2017 after realizing it was silly to do raid clears for free when I could be getting paid. The pressure of 8-manning with gold on the line pushed me to improve a lot. As I was falling out of MnF, I joined DnT. Before finally leaving MnF and committing to DnT, I participated in the 2018 ERP tournament with MnF and came 1st place. I left the guild the next day.

Death and Taxes [DnT][edit]

As I became more interested in getting good and less interested in gold, I was convinced to join DnT for record runs. The first record I was part of was the first ever throne tank Dhuum. I then played a very prominent role in propogating the Scourge meta which dominated the game from March to July 2018.
We did a couple more things like the first MO using Detonate Plasma and a 1:15 Cairn.
During this time, I also did a 4-man Gorseval with a couple DnT members.

Dispossession [dP][edit]

I created this guild with Chunkadin originally to be a raid selling guild but it was never really successful in that regard. Eventually we did the guild's first record run, scourge Dhuum. After wing 6 came out, I was very unhappy with Nike's leadership of DnT and decided to make dP the new DnT.
Notable kills:
At this point, the guild died. 5 months later, I joined Fire Field [FF], and I was given leader shortly after. I brought in old dP members in and we merged the FF members into dP, reviving the name Dispossession. The new dispossession has achieved these kills with me:
I have quit the harcore scene for now but I still enjoy talking about theorycraft and helping players understand the game better.