Welcome to MetaBattle[edit]

Hey Fullyund!

First Steps:

  • Be sure to check out the tutorial. Submitting the first edit/create with any external links results in an automatic ban. Instructions are in the tutorial under "creating an article").
  • Sign your comments on Discussion pages with 4 tildes ("~~~~") or use the "signature" button found on the toolbar. It will automatically convert this into a timestamp with your name. (You can indent paragraphs/replies with the ":" colon character).
  • If you have any questions feel free to respond here or add a new topic on the community portal.
  • All users are encouraged to submit valid ratings for builds in testing, good, great, and meta.

Common Mistakes:

  • Try to make a build that has purpose. Explain it's specific purpose and why it's better than other builds. If it's not, re-consider whether it should be written.
  • Make sure the build you want to write is significantly different than other builds already posted. Otherwise leave a comment with the proposed changes on the already existing build's page!

Thanks for joining and welcome to the MetaBattle team!

Soulbeast vote[edit]

Hi, your vote for the following build has been removed: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Soulbeast_-_Sic_%27Em_Sniper

Vote comment was:

Soulbeasts are not viable for sPvP in any form. Their lack of utility, damage, and mobility coupled with the sustain that pales compared to Druids makes them dead weight when compared to anyone else that could fill their role.


Soulbeast received several buffs, while other specs including druid got nerfed. You're free to cast a new vote anytime. --Revenant tango icon 200px.pngHanz (talk) 13:02, 4 August 2018 (UTC)