Hello! I'm Star, I frequently go by Jupiter and some folks call me Clover. I maintain the Open World section of the site and assist with other functions. When it comes to Open World, there's a huge variety of builds and activities, and it can all be a bit overwhelming. The good news is that we have a well-maintained repository of builds for you to use!

Editor's Choice Builds[edit]

These are my personal preferred builds for farming Open World.

Staff Tempest[edit]

Tempest - Staff Tempest

Easily my favorite zerg build, this is a fun build with a natural 1200 range and built-in AOE. It has some group support and self-sustain as well as enough survivability to live through the tougher bosses when with a group. This build is ideal for open world zergs, like those found in Drizzlewood Coast or Dragonfall.

Greatsword Mirage[edit]

Mirage - Greatsword Farmer

This build is really just fantastic. Its damage moderate and it is exceptionally easy to play compared in a farming zerg. It's excellent for both slower zergs like Dragonfall or much, much faster ones like Lake Doric Leather Farm, so you can take it anywhere that you have allies. Plus, lasers.

Radiant Dragonhunter[edit]

Dragonhunter - Radiant Dragonhunter

This build is great for both Zerging and Roaming. Its high burst and natural defenses in the form of and make for an excellent free-roaming build.

When zerging with power guard, it's a good idea to swap either the Dragonhunter or Zeal traitline for Virtues (x13). This will give you a refreshing source of Retal! Equip a staff or longbow and zoom around dealing solid damage at 1200 range.

Condi Renegade[edit]

Renegade - Shortbow Renegade

Condi Renegade is doubtless the best solo build in the game. It's relatively high damage, extreme sustain, and generalist toolkit make it an unstoppable force that can solo everything up to raid bosses. There are seriously no contenders against it, it is in its own tier of play. It even functions as a fine zerg or roaming build, so this one build can be used to farm every area of Open World without ever changing gear.

Strength Spellbreaker[edit]

Spellbreaker - Strength Fighter

I used to dislike Spellbreaker quite a lot, but these days I really enjoy the D/D Strength build. Spellbreaker has immense sustain and provides a skill-based element of gameplay that can be quite fun once you have it down. This build is moderately easy to pick up and can farm most content in open world, though it lacks any valid ranged options and so is not recommended for zerging.

General Advice for Open World[edit]

The game is really big. Like, really big. Open World contains the majority of content in the game, from legendary crafting to farming map metas, to map completion, and a huge variety of other activities. This means that there is no one-size fits all build, or any advice that will apply to every part of open world... However, there are a handful of things that you might keep in mind.

1. This is a video game. It is not real life. It is not even social media. Try not to take things too seriously.
2. Use food and utilities. These provide a massive boost to your farming capabilities. In general, Ascended Food beats every other kind of food. is the most useful non-ascended food for farming, and is generally the recommended food for harder content.
3. If you zerg a lot, spend spare laurels on experience boosters. Spirit shards are very easy to convert into profit. Use that resource!
4. Switch things up! Playing the exact same thing all the time can burn you out. Use a variety of builds, and tackle multiple goals rather than hard-focusing on a single one for months.
5. Group up! Playing solo is fine, but finding an active farming community can both increase your profits and enjoyment of the game.