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"As someone who's actually run a Staff in a frontline, it's stupid.

Staff has no cleave & all AA attacks require continuous targeting & shifting to make sure you're on the frontline's target. Compared to D/x (you get 1 evade in fire, blast in water, shocking aura in lightning, leap in earth + aa cleave is much more suited to a front-line comp)

/WH - boon orinetation (can run IM)

-Fire: 4 copies any might + fury on you & adds 3 might stacks.

-Water: 4 applies AoE regen (procs CW). 5 (more important) is a moving water field - essential for new comps, and allows for fluid motion

-Air: 4 is a good interrupt & cc, draws people in to bombs, esp. in boon stripping scenarios where opponents don't have stab.

-Earth: 4 applies mag aura & prot, + boons' duration by 2 sec & is a blast.

/Focus - defensive orientation

-Fire: 5 applies fire aura (heals with EM)

-Water: 4 single target chill, 5 AoE interrupt around target

-Air: 4 is swirling winds (best skill in game. BLOCKS ALL PROJECTILES - allows safe down cleaving/rezzing). 5 is unblockable knockdown (great for priority target focus)

-Earth: 4 mag aura (self) & blast. 5 is your 4 sec invuln (invlun is a must in most frontline comps esp. against bigger groups)

/Dagger - offensive option (works with LC) no explanation req

5 monk + 1 scholar?

Celestial + PVT best stat spread? Do you even theorycraft?

"Auramancer"-build only gives 3 auras(not counting UC)" Arete (talk) 15:21, 10 February 2017 (UTC)