December 3, 2019 Content Update


Today's patch includes a rather chunky balance pass with some relatively important changes. You can give the full notes a read here:

Author's Note: Balance Changes

It's important to note that there were a few major balanace changes in this patch. I'm not an expert on PVP balance, but if you're a PVP or WvW player I'll stress that you should absolutely give the patch notes a read.

Changes to the LFG Tab

Several categories got shifted around in the Looking For Group section. This change seems to be aimed at making sections more clear and defined.


Equipment Tab Changes

There were a handful of changes to the equipment tab today to improve quality of life. You can now view your PVP equipment even when in PvE or WvW!

Additionally, you can now hide weapons. It's worth mentioning that when you enter combat your weapons will reappear. Once you exit combat and sheathe your weapon(s) they will disappear again if you have them hidden.

Weapon Swapping

Engineer and Elementalist got a big change today: They can now swap weapons! This change allows both classes to swap weapons when out of combat which can be handy when you need some extra mobility or just want to store your weapons in an equipment template. It shouldn't affect balance in most cases, but there may be some awesome niche cases we could see come out of this.


Capes! CAPES!

Legends say that when the moon turns a fiery orange and the planets align, Guild Wars 2 will finally get capes. We are happy to announce that the day has finally come! Two capes were introduced into the game: The Basic Guild Cape and the Emblazoned Cape.

You can get the Basic Guild Cape from your Guild Commendation trader for 10 Gold and 10 Commendations. The Emblazoned Cape is a gemstore item and is pictured further below! Both capes have some interesting physics to them and multiple dye channels. The Basic Guild Cape displays your active guild emblem, while the Emblazoned Cape has its own emblem.


Gemstore Update

The gemstore update today was a fairly large one and included a whole host of returning items and sales.

New Items

Two brand new items made their way into this update: The Emblazoned Cape(500 Gems) and the Dreamwalker Dagger Skin (600 Gems). We finally got capes! The cape has some cool physics and four dye channels while the dagger has some nice, flowing energy particles. When sheathed, the dagger will "power off" similar to the legendary dagger Incinerator.




A few items were placed on sale today, some of which are must-haves!

  • Mount Adoption License, 20% off! (320 Gems)
  • Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device, 20% off! (320 Gems)
  • World Boss Portal Device, 20% off! (320 Gems)

Returning Items

This update saw the return of a handful of coveted items to the gem store, including the Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools!

Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools

2700 gems
A set of unbreakable gathering tools which grant volatile magic on use - These come around rarely, so if you've been wanting them now is the time to grab a set!

The Salvaged Forged Gloves and Helm Skins

400 gems each
Fiery forged plagued the Crystal Desert. They make good enemies, but better fashion statements.


Xera's Mask

400 gems
The powerful mesmer Xera certainly has a taste for fashion. You can grab her elegant mask for only 400 gems!


Hats! So Many Hats!

200 gems each
The Fuzzy Panda Hat, Top Hat, and Sailor's Beanie have all returned for the time being!



300 / 500 gems each
Check out the Dragon Mask, Lion Mask, or Glint's Gaze!


Winter Gear

Various Prices
While it could be argued that the beanie belongs here, we though it best to include a section about all the awesome winter gear that's made a comeback. You can pick up the Shoulder Scarf (400 gems), Wintersday Earmuffs (25 gems), and the Ice Crown (400 gems) today! The earmuffs are especially a steal.


The Evon Gnashblade Decorative Package

3,000 gems
For 3,000 gems you'd imagine you get a lot, right? Good, because you do. Evon delivers once again with the Decorative Package which includes the following:

  • One random Black Lion Weapon, selected by type (i.e. Greatsword, Longbow, etc.)
  • One of any Black Lion Outfit, sans Anniverary Gifts or Chest Exclusives
  • 10 Black Lion Chest Keys, 1 Golden Lion Chest Key
  • 1 Makeover Kit
  • 5 Transmuation Charges
  • Two of each: Bloodstone, Primordus, Solar/Lunar, Vibrant, and Jormag Dye Kits