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Focused on: Hybrid damageMobilityDefenseFast taggingSolo playGroup playRoaming.

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Expansions required:

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This build was archived in 5/20/21. Reason: Merged with Daredevil - Condi Daredevil due to similar build


Celestial Daredevil is a very mobile, active build that utilizes daredevil's strong hybrid damage and many evades. It has moderate damage, high self-healing, and an excellent blend of both power and condition damage.

  • Extremely mobile
  • Good sustain
  • Lots of dodges
  • Easy access to stealth makes it ideal for node farming / map comp
  • DPS rotation requires movement
  • Short steal distance is annoying to players already familiar with core thief

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Mainhand Pistol - Provides a good valid ranged option
  • Offhand Pistol - Run with Mainhand Dagger for absurd amounts of in-combat mobility.
  • Staff - Can be used for more power damage; not recommended
  • Sword - Useful only if you need , otherwise best to avoid.

Skill Variants

  • - a powerful escape button that can sometimes outclass other heals in high-pressure situations.
  • - if having issues with burning, poison, bleeding, or confusion.
  • - great passive healing
  • - area condition damage
  • - strong area CC and strike damage
  • - blocks projectiles and provides a smoke field for stealth
  • - teleport + stunbreak
  • - group stealth
  • - significant breakbar damage
  • - provides damage and a large amount of Slow Slow
  • - grants significant defiance bar damage
  • - more damage on a longer cooldown; ideal for solo or duo bosses / hero points


Build Code



Ascended gear and stat infusions are not required; you can use exotic gear with the same stats.

Standard Equipment

Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Celestial stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Tempest

Variant Equipment


It is strongly advised to stick with full celestial stats.


  • - all-around budget option
  • - power-oriented alternative to
  • , - strong hybrid runes
  • - use when zerging for extreme sustain
  • , - powerful defensive options
  • - budget defense


  • - Strongest power DPS option
  • - Strongest Condi DPS option
  • - Strongest DPS sigil overall
  • / - Very powerful DPS sigils. Geomancy helps with AOE.
  • - More boons!
  • / - Improved sustain
  • - Strongest defensive sigil
  • - Great all-around stacking sigil


Event Farming

  • Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Steak for power, flatbread for conditions.
  • - Use for general farming.
  • - Use for when you need to max out magic find.
  • - more sustain (requires crit chance)
  • Anything - Any food is better than none, but you should prioritize the food above before using any other food.
  • , , - general farming
  • - good damage option with +karma

Solo Play

  • - All-stats food.
  • , - Dodges + Might
  • , - Lots of sustain via Lifesteal
  • / - +Dmg, +Karma



With this build, damage and defense are intrinsically tied together via . Any time you need to dodge, you can use or to both deal damage and evade. With that in mind, you have a wide variety of options to deal damage with depending on the situation:

  1. Utilizing stealth attacks to generate Fury Fury and Might Might. To do this, use followed by .
  2. Spamming and to avoid damage and output significant bleed, torment, and poison damage.
  3. Using to attack from range.

In general there are two major rules:

  1. Dodge often to proc
  2. Try not to interrupt your auto-attack chains as the 3rd hit is a significant portion of your damage.

As a final tip, try to whirl through fields to create various bolts.


As mentioned above, you have numerous evades. Use them. Get good at recognizing skill tells and responding to them. Other than that, your defensive options are fairly versatile. In the event you need to swap your utility, swap out :

  • Theif and Daredevil offer various stunbreaks, such as , , and . It is advised to take one of these, as CC is what will usually kill you.
  • You have high passive healing via and . Try to maintain Fury Fury as much as possible to enhance healing.
  • You can go into stealth via to remove threat, break enemy targeting, and reposition yourself. Follow it up with a

Crowd Control

  • (if running a spare pistol offhand)

Video Examples

Cele DD vs Nightthistle Bloom

  • A great example of the build in action against one of the harder hero points.
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5 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 5 stars May 2021

This is one of my all-time favorite builds and the new Cele has made it so much stronger.