Daredevil - Permadodge Condi Roamer

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Focused on: Condition damageSustain.

Designed for:


This hyper interecative Daredevil WvW roamer seeks to reach immortality in 1v1 situations while slowly deconstructing its opponent's will to play. Extensive use may cause severe brain damage.



Slot Changes


is generally the best choice, especially in outnumbered situations, but there are other viable options too:

  • - somewhat on par with Bandit's Defense, this is a great option for extra sustain.
  • - adds new conditions to the build, and the immob makes it easier to land your skills.
  • - extra conditions.
  • - AoE burst damage.
  • - Asura only! The skill itself is mediocre at best, but the long duration Poison field is rather high value as even your dodge interacts well with it.


  • - a meme option for a meme build. Combined with this can deliver quite the burst in duels. Expect your sustain to be lower though.

Template Code




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Trailblazer stat icon.png
Trailblazer stat icon.png
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Trailblazer stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Antitoxin
Malign WvW Infusion


If you are willing to give up the extra cleansing and excellent offensive stats of Antitoxin, there are other viable alternatives:

  • - as tanky as it gets, great synergy with all the sources of healing in the build. Best defensive option vs direct damage builds, but overall lower damage.
  • - fairly tanky, and adds more condition damage to the build.


  • over - you could replace one of the Doom sigils with this stacking one for potentially higher (but less diverse) condition pressure.




  • Optimal:
  • Budget:



  • Spam when you're about to hit maximum initiative, or your initiative count is higher than your endurance.
  • Spam dodges when you're about to hit maximum endurance, or your endurance count is higher than your initiative.
  • Use on CD in order to proc and , but make sure that you're missing at least 2 initiative and 25 endurance (half a dodge bar)!
  • Swap weapons on CD in order to proc and your sigils, but make sure that you're missing at least 3 initiative and 50 endurance (an entire dodge bar)!
  • Use when you're either about to run out of initiative or got stunned.
  • is your "time out" button. If you're running low on resources this skill lets you bridge gaps in your defense.


  • Assuming a 1v1 scenario, you're passively going to heal for about 1k HP per second and cleanse 2 conditions:
    • provides a steady stream of both condition cleansing and healing. doubles your cleansing.
    • adds further healing through regeneration, and enables more spamming via better initiative regen.
    • Last but not least, heals you each time you hit a target, which has excellent synergy with both and . As these two are both AoEs, more targets mean more hits which causes the passive of your healing skill to scale with the number of targets, making this build great at 1vX situations.
  • is basically the panic button in the build. Due to the synergies listed above, this elite skill could heal you to full HP while evading all attacks and cleansing conditions.
  • There are two notable passive procs in the build. The first one is , a trait which could save your life in case something goes wrong.
    • The proc not only has synergy with other traits (as it's an evasion), but lets you freecast for 2 seconds. Use this time to get a quick autoattack off - don't waste your resources while you're already in an evade frame!
  • The other proc is , breaking stun and giving you 2 free dodges!
Build rating - 3 stars
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1 Ratings
3 stars
Hanz gave this build 3 stars November 2019

Playable troll build. Nothing amazing, but workable and very, very annoying to fight.