Deadeye - The Viper

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Focused on: Direct damageCondition damageMobilityHarassmentScoutingFlipping bases.

Designed for:


A condition + direct damage Deadeye build for WvW, can be used to get into bases for flipping and scouting. Trickery for heavy boonrip + boons on allies, deadly arts for condition buff, utilizes 1500 range gun for backline support or to apply heavy condition stacks.

Skill Bar



  • >>> On engage, use this combination in sequence: F1 , then F2 (Steal), followed by , F2 (Steal) again, , then repeat F1 and F2 (Steal). Total 6 skills cast within 2.25 seconds, dodge or right after, always keep 1200-1500 maximum range when casting.
  • - use for stealth, heal and condition removal alongside when you can't dodge to stealth
  • - CTRL+Right Mouse click this skill to enable auto-cast, can be shared with allies due to 240 radius
  • - Applies x2 Poison Poison, x15 Vulnerability Vulnerability, the Immobilize Immobilize triggers 1 additional Poison Poison stack
  • - Both a stun breaker and to trigger the 1st combo mentioned above, also gives initiative
  • - Applies stealth, can be chained with , has x2 ammo count and cancels Revealed Revealed



ShadowArts for stealth/mobility @ cost of Trickery boonrip)

WvW Equipment

Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
Grieving stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Viper stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Thorns
Malign WvW Infusion



  • The Trait Payback and when running in a group.


  • Viper stat icon.png Viper's gear - High base damage + High condition damage + Longer condition duration
  • Grieving stat icon.png Grieving gear - High damage base damage + Critical Damage + High condition damage
  • Dire stat icon.png Dire Gear - High condition damage + High Toughness + High health @ the cost of direct damage and critical damage
  • Sinister stat icon.png Sinister's Gear - High condition damage + High critical chance + High base damage @ cost of condition duration and ferocity


  • Sigil of Venom - use this for +20% poison duration, offsets the need for condition duration stats from Viper stat icon.png Viper's gear
  • Sigil of Corruption - stacking condition damage after kills
  • Superior Sigil of Energy on both rifles to regain endurance + cancel kneel on weapon-swap

Usage for Roaming/Scouting WvW

  • Main combo chain when executed in this order: F1, F2, Bindingshadow, F2, Mercy, then F1,F2 (total 2.25 seconds of cast time) without touching initiative enables player lock down + pin sniping.
  • variable: rifle projectiles at "100 ping" has an added 0.5-0.75 second cast time to combo chain
  • Keep on all times (use Ctrl + right mouse click to loop it)
  • On engage combo in order of execution: F1, F2, , immediately F2 again, then , F1, F2 again, dodge/evade to stealth (if all skills connect, enemy now has 20 stacks of poison/vulnerability while you now have 20 might and fury)
  • ☠ Pressure targets with . This skill pierces and causes immobilize on targets hit, resulting in poison spread from . From there, will increase the poison damage.
  • Avoid stealth reveal areas
  • As soon as you spike the target, whether they go downed or not, quickly use to recharge your chain.
  • Disengage with basic kiting and use of . If necessary you can use Sniper's Cover smoke field to combo with DR and gain stealth.
  • Find opportune times to sneak into bases while others are capping to flip the base when they leave!


  • Engineer: When near Engineer that are traited with there are 2 ways they reveal you. If they hit YOU while THEY are invisible, you get revealed from Invisible Analysis(DONT GET HIT WHILE THEY ARE INVIS) and when YOU get a stun, daze, knock-back, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear on YOU, you get Controlled Analysis which reveals you.(DONT GET STUNNED) With Holosmiths, they usually utilize with as the skill with proc the trait. Avoid the shock-wave and you will have no issue.
  • Be aware of Stealth Gyros' - you can blind em, dodge em, and be invulnerable to avoid it or outright kill them.
  • Warrior: Keep your distance due to and always avoid their burst skills. Doing so will prevent the possible which both pulse reveal that you cannot remove as itll just re-apply.
  • Again avoid their bursts, it not only keeps you alive but prevents their sustain from .
  • When they block, dont hit em... Combined with will give them more sustain...that and reflects projectiles.
  • will no longer go through walls and ignore Line of Sight, precast before target LoS you.. Removes boons and CC, can cause a nifty amount of poison as well.

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3 Ratings
4 stars
Woops gave this build 4 stars October 2018

Note this build is still "work in progress" as of Oct.2018, original author was onto something for sure! After the October 2, 2018 nerf where: Double Tap: The initiative cost of this skill has been increased from 4 to 6 in PvP and WvW, and Three Round Burst: The initiative cost of this skill has been increased from 4 to 6 in PvP and WvW. | Thrill of the Crime has become stronger, and is implemented in this build: The might applied by this trait has been increased from 1 stack for 10 seconds to 3 stacks for 10 seconds.

5 stars
Woop s gave this build 5 stars September 2018

The build requires high skill efficiency and understanding of deadeye, it is recommended players "test/practice" in PvP using a similar setup 1st to familiarize with the combo mentioned while maintaining 1500 range + stealth constantly before usage in WvW.

For updated build template:

For a demo of build in action:

0 stars
Hanz gave this build 0 stars August 2018

Would've rated it good before the nerfs to condi application, but not anymore. I can see that you were trying to adjust the build accordingly but tbh it just made it worse.

Occasionally it can get a kill but it's definitely in meme territory now, shame.