Herald - Hybrid Mallyx Roamer

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Focused on: AoE Condi Damage.

Designed for:


A Hybrid Herald build designed for WvW Roaming (1v1 / 1vX+)




You can swap out the sword/shield combo for a staff when taking havoc-size fights, where is very powerful against downed enemies.


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  • can be taken for a more tanky option.

Every Grandmaster tier trait is viable depending on the situation:

  • adds some AoE pressure, you're free to take it if you're not afraid of incoming condition pressure.
  • works best against builds with heavy condition pressure but no boon removal.
  • is somewhere inbetween the other two traits, mixing both defense and offense. Best option when facing condition builds with heavy boon removal, such as Necromancers and other Mallyx players.


  • Take if conditions are a bigger problem for you than CC.


  • can be taken when taking staff to provide more group might uptime.


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Superior Rune of Tormenting
Malign WvW Infusion



  • - pure damage.
If you can get the Ascended version of this, use this instead.
  • - extra sustain without losing too much pressure.




  • The strength of this build comes from the condition Torment Torment, but what makes this pose more of a threat is the wide access of cover conditions, making it very difficult for your enemies to cleanse the Torment condition.
  • The cover conditions the build has access to are: Weakness Weakness, Vulnerability Vulnerability, Blind Blind, Slow Slow, Chill Chill. It has access to a total of 9 unique conditions excluding any transferring of enemy conditions.
  • Legend swapping does multiple things here. It removes a single condition, resets energy to 50 in your secondary stance and can additionally transfer up to 3 conditions to 5 near-by enemies through Can't find such trait "Pulsating Pestilence"! Please refer to our trait index. It applies extra conditions based on the stance you're swapping to through and potentially proc any weapon-swap sigils (Hydromancy if sword/shield or Doom if mace/axe in this case). Legend swapping is a 10-second cooldown, which really makes this a powerful tool for the hybrid herald, especially when it comes to relieving pressure.
  • When engaging, try to start in Glint for the boons - you can generate 25 stacks of might fairly quick once in combat with , which not only increases your condition power, but, since this build is made up of hybrid stats, also your sword power damage, mainly and can pose a threat to enemies. It is optional to use and offensively so that you maintain pulsing Might Might and Fury Fury from
  • is your only stunbreak in Glint. This utility can also be used to avoid devastating attacks such as a warrior's or or a Holosmith's . The utility is your only instant access to blind blind
  • is a strong utility against high-application boon specs, especially when dealing with support's in outnumbered fights. It rips 3 boons and applies chill at the cost of 20 energy. Note that this is an unblockable attack - skills like a warrior's or a dragonhunter's are good window's to do this attack to rip any boons during this period whereas most of your other attacks will be ignored.
  • The build also has access to on-demand resistance to deal with conditions through , which is your only stunbreak in Mallyx at the cost of 30 energy. Remember that casting Demon-stance skills also procs for extra resistance up-time.
  • is your only 900 range gap closer. It's also an unblockable, so try to save this against enemies that will be using blocks to get a free hit during their blocking window.
  • Your is slightly enhanced due to additionally adding 3 stacks of torment while also applying chill chill
  • Never underestimate the power of mace autoattack chains, especially for cleaving: the third strike of mace auto is , which is really powerful when cleaving out foes due to the Poison Poison AoE from this skill, making it harder for enemies to rez(resurrect) their allies.

Burst combo examples

  • Condi transfer: You have two condi transfers on this build: One from your F2 (True Nature) when attuned to Demon stance, which is a 2 condi transfer up to 5 targets, and Can't find such trait "Pulsating Pestilence"! Please refer to our trait index, which procs when swapping legends (10-sec cooldown) and transfers 3 conditions up to 5 targets. Both of these are extremely important to land in condi fights as this can very easily give you the upper-hand. Note that you have must be within close proximity to land the Can't find such trait "Pulsating Pestilence"! Please refer to our trait index proc, otherwise you will not transfer the conditions properly. F2 (True Nature) activated when no enemies are around will still remove at least 2 conditions (currently a bug). In some situations, you may choose to purposely hold onto damaging conditions to follow up with a very powerful condi transfer. It is recommended to cast at least 1 if you choose to take this high-risk high-reward move.


  • Your Mallyx elite combined with the power of
    Superior Rune of Tormenting Superior Rune of Tormenting
    Superior Rune of Tormenting.pngSuperior Rune of Tormenting
    (1): +25 Condition Damage (2): +10% Torment Duration (3): +50 Condition Damage (4): +15% Torment Duration (5): +100 Condition Damage (6): +20% Torment Duration; When you use a heal skill, apply two stacks of torment to nearby foes. (Cooldown: 20s)
    is your strongest source of sustain in outnumbered fights. You get Heals for 171 + (Healing Power x 0.015) per proc. This means 855 healing minimum against 5 enemies on top of you, per second while dishing out AoE (area of effect) Torment damage. A good heal combo in synergy with this is casting right after your elite: this could heal you roughly ~2.5k HP while blocking attacks for 3 seconds, and note that you're still lashing out torment as well.
  • Remember, you do not have any blinks, stealth or high mobility, so kiting is your best friend here. You should only swap to sword/shield when needing to kite or play defensive - you have a 3-second block from , which also cleanses one condition with , and another condi cleanse from the same trait on , which also applies Protection Protection and an additional small heal. You also have which can be used for its 2-second evade frame.
  • Against most condition-based builds, try to reserve some energy in Mallyx stance so you may cast as a way to deal with conditions.

CC Skills

  • You have access to 3 heavy CC's.
  • Can't find such skill "Unyielding Anguish"! Please refer to our skill index. is a 5-target CC that pulls targets to the designated spot at the cost of 30 energy in Mallyx stance. This is one of your strongest sources to prevent enemies from resurrecting their downstate allies as it has a very short cooldown.
  • is another 5-target CC that pulls enemies into a straight line to follow up additional pressure. The width of the skill is 300 so this will require you to have good skill-placement. This is very strong if you choose to use this skill on cleaving downed targets. It applies an additional 6 stacks of confusion if you successfully interrupt resurrections, allowing you to drop extra condition pressure on the downed and it's allies.
  • Finally, This is your Glint elite skill. It launches enemies 360 units, which is extremely powerful on allies rezzing downed targets. The elite skill itself also grants you 5 seconds of Superspeed Superspeed, which can be used defensively to attempt escape. Note that activating this will proc the pulsing Protection Protection on you for the next few seconds


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2 Ratings
5 stars
Staub gave this build 5 stars last month

Hybrid damage, great sustain against both condi and power damage, and Torment Rune insane self healing make this build shine in the current roaming meta.

5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars March 2020

Checks all the boxes - mobility, sustain, pressure, CC this build has it all. Even managed to avoid the sPvP nerfs.